Its Warm, Its Yellow, Its Chirpy

I can feel it begin to creep in. The edge of unharnessed energy. Tucked away, with no outlet at the present moment.

This is a great sign!

Its telling me, all those yellow flowers decorating the house…..have done their part in helping me recover.

And lets not forget my wonderful family and friends who’ve jumped right in and are graciously helping me out. Including buying the flowers!


color therapy, flower therapy, speeding recovery with flowers, warm yellow uplifting,
A Yellow Hug




I do love warm yellow flowers, especially roses. The gentle delicate washes of topaz and amber yellow sunrises….stop me. Every time.

My preference is for Warm Yellow’s inviting embrace and I’m not as, enthralled with Lemon Yellow’s edge of aloofness.




uplifting color of yellow, healing power of colors, yellow flower photography,
Soft Yellow Petals, kellywalkerphotography

Yellow Paint

My favorite Yellow paint is in fact Daniel Smith Naples Yellow.

So warm. Gorgeous. You really ought to try this color out.

Its on my List of  Must Have Paints, at all times.



sunset watercolour, naples yellow
Sunset Naples Yellow




Warm Yellow…….

I’m sure its an art form of Vitamin D, don’t you think?!




Yellow,  Color Therapy

Since I’ve been laid up with the hip tear surgery, I’ve been using lots of pain management strategies.

Point, smile, “please, thank you”  are working well.

$1 a task for the grandchildren works on occasion.  I might have to up the ante though.

Times… they are a’changing.



kellywalkerphotography, yellow flowers, color therapy of yellow, healing
Sunflower’s Warmth, kellywalkerphotography



Color Therapy  has been another helpful strategy.

Even in bed or sitting I’m finding ways to immerse myself in lovely colors that are uplifting. Colors, that make me feel better, that make me smile.



Warm Yellow works for me very well.

And not a secret to you,  so does cobalt teal blue.



Well Being

Yellow is noted to be a color that is linked to: joy, cheerfulness, mental clarity, speaking, writing, visualization, curiosity, learning.   Dark, warm yellow is ‘said to’ assist wellness and healing of nerve pain.



I can believe it.

I’m feeling uplifted already. Chirpy, Too!




flower photography,, color therapy with yellow, healing with flowers,
An Embrace, kellywalkerphotography












Its Cool, watercolors

Cool colors dominate in this “super fast” watercolor still life.

Time’s running out  so I had to be quick.   I needed to try to finish and schedule a couple of posts  for when I’m  …. otherwise detained for the next couple weeks!!



cool colors in watercolor, still life lavender flower painting,
its cool, watercolors


A useful Technique is to  decide ahead of time what the dominance of the painting will be. Either mainly Cool.  Or Warm.

50-50%  isn’t a crash hot plan.   Try for  say a 75-25%  or so for a better balance.


Watercolor techniques

I used basic watercolor washes for most of this.  A couple areas of charging technique, glazing technique and finished with the judicious use of splatter technique.    I kept it fast. Easy. Simple.



Cool colors I used were prussian blue and quinacridone violet.

I only used 2 colors.  It keeps it Fast! Simple and Easy!  and No mud.


Cool colors as a general rule,  make things recede into the distance and are refreshing, cooling. Distant. Create depth and space.

Greys, lavenders, blues.






Warm colors generally will advance objects and shapes. Creating the illusion of coming forward into the foreground.

Reds, oranges, terracottas, yellows, yellow greens.



Aerial Perspective

You can create the illusion of depth and perspective simply by placing specific colors in sequence. Warms in front of cooler colors.

ie from the  background to the foreground might go like this…….. soft pale grey, light blue/lavender,  cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, teal green,  light grassy green, yellow green, olive green, rusty warm terracotta,  flickers of light red.



Finally –

This design of blue vase and 3 flowers, was totally invented. Spur of the moment.

YOU too,  can ‘invent’ things!

YOU too can keep it simple & FAST


be judicious and move on!



life’s too short to get bogged down with the warts.

ignore the warts….. who, really cares if there’s a pin sized smudge…. really!



Cheers, Debi


Monotype in Red

How to get more impact and drama into an art work?

A fast and simple method is to use black and white, with red.

Red, has Power!


monotype process, black and white design on red matt,
Monotype in Red,




This is the original monotype….

It is interesting.  Good design. Nice tonal values.  Good perimeter edges.

But,  I do much prefer the impact of the RED matt surrounding it as shown in the featured image.


monochrome monotype, field of flowers, art in black and white,
Monochrome Medley, Field of Flowers,



Have a quick look at the first post with the other presentation options from a couple weeks back,  Presentation Options   it will give you more ideas!





Patterns In Black and White

As much as I Love color….. sometimes black and white art images can appeal just as much to me.

floral patterns in black and white, monotypes on japanese paper,
Floral Pattern BW, (c)

Floral Pattern Black and White

Inspired by a vase overfilled with flowers, this monotype is completely pattern based.

It is an abstract, most definitely.

And as such, I thought it would make a great design for my shop products.  So when I’m finally up and running, this is one that’s going to be earmarked …get ‘readied.’



I’m quite enthused about monotypes.  It’s one of my favourite forms of creating art. The process is always an adventure, and something…wonderful seems to always happen!


They’re fast, fun and prolific.

You nearly always get more treasures than expected with this process.

I think of it as a Gold Mine.


Zen Strolls

I realised a while back that I might have, passed along my affinity for zen strolls and nature photography to my daughter….. It does seems like it!

My daughter and I try to steal a few moments to just immerse in the beauty of nature whenever we can. Even the briefest of strolls,  5 or 10 minutes really do work.


zen stroll, nature photography, relaxing in the outdoors,
Zen Stroll, nature; kellywalker

I do adore this soft blurred background she has created.  The gradual sharpness of detail. The delicacy of palette: lavender and green.

It seems to me, there’s a wee bit of mystery and magic within that invites me to “Come and take a look!”


Relax… in Nature

Busy and harried moms, city dwellers, office workers, most of us – can benefit from a few minutes of Zen Strolls.   I think we all might have some ‘stuff’ in our lives that getting out for a bit of fresh air, wouldn’t go astray.


To relax and breathe the wonderful, magical fresh outdoors air. To leave the family duties behind for a few short minutes and to have a mini adventure.

A micro photo shoot. Sounds….. Like Fun!!



nature photography, green fern design, zen stroll,
Fern unfurled, Kelly Walker


Beautiful Fern,  crisp with lovely lime and olive greens.  The whole fern topic, reminds me of my grandmother and the Mary Ellen fern  I’d painted for her.  So, I think I’m partial to this one.



Fresh Eyes, New View Point

Its always fascinating to me, to see another artist’s body of work.

To see the patterns being woven as they “just create.”

Its intriguing to see what the majority of images tend to be.

What colors the artist gravitates most to. What type of ‘Edges’ the artist prefers.


We’re all so uniquely made.  So different.

Seeing from such diverse perspectives, I find that…. a story in itself.



nature photography, zen strolls, serenity, relaxing outdoors,
Summer Grass, Kelly Walker

Isn’t that background glorious! Boy,  if I could entice her to do oils….. this would be a great one to do, with this background.   Not. Likely.


These nature photographs have been taken by Kelly Walker, you can find her artworks available at kelly walker @ 


The prior post Walking Down the Garden Path was a prelude to this post.




A little heads up for readers.

I will be temporarily out of action. And will really try to get a few posts out in the next few weeks, but…. they may be just a little sporadic for a while.  I haven’t abandoned WP in 2017! its just a hip issue,  getting “Resolved.”


9 Pleasing in Peach, Pink and Apricots

A mini collection of art images I’ve created in lovely warm tones of peach.

Ranging from delicate to bold, together, they have an enchanting harmony.


contemporary landscape painting, peach and pink tones,
semi abstract landscape


Watercolors were used as the foundation, wet in wet over the top of a poured, white acrylic medium.   As it dried, more paint and splashed were “Judiciously” added.


unison pastels, landscape at dusk, mark making with pastels, debi riley art paintings, beginner drawing pastels,
Pastel Landscape at Dusk

The apricot sky. Its a small pastel image, but remains a favorite. I think the freedom of imagination plus good tones and that apricot color… just did it for me.


pastel watercolor digital painting, fun funky art,
Pastel Watercolor


Begun as a watercolor, then pastels added on top. Popped it onto the computer for more touchups.  I love the apricots, pinks, soft peach tones that blend together here.  The tonal values work.



Monet Morning Kiss, roses,
Morning Kiss, for Monet


A Palette Knife pk108 used with those gorgeous shades of paint in acrylic; so pleasing!



flower blooms in summer, watercolor painting,
in bloom, in summer


Watercolors, a simple floral design.




watercolour rose bloom, no fiddling,
Simply A Blossom



shell pink rose photo,
Shell Pink Rose, photograph



Wall art Debiriley
coral pink collage



Peaches and Cream
Peaches and Cream Hill


Acrylic mixed media semi abstract landscape. Remembering the hills of Sofala, NSW sunlit late afternoon after a long day… gold panning!








Walking Down The Garden Path: filled with flowers

Irresistible….Like a Georgia O’Keefe painting, was my first thought on the scarlet poppy. The Flower Garden had so many colors!  Reds, fuschia, lime green,  rosy magenta.  Delicious.

Delighting the eye.

We (my daughter and I)  were off on another short zen stroll.  Hoping to find some treasures, hoping to find some peaceful moments. (Raising children is exhausting work!)

Hoping to find a bit of restoration at the end of the garden path.


flower photography, georgia o'keefe style, red flowers,
Garden Path Poppy, Kelly Walker (c) 2017


A bit of Georgia O’Keefe

Maybe too soft and blurred for some.  Maybe too undefined for some.

However,  its so reminiscent of an oil painting. semi abstract.

Smooth blurred soft edges. The hint of abstraction and wee bit of Georgia O’Keefe being channeled adds to the charm.  What a  Sumptious  scarlet red!



Yes.  The flowers definitely were showing off, as we made our way through the gardens.


flower photography, pink and magenta floral, moods,
A Play with the Petals, Kelly Walker (c) 2017


Petal Play Design

The focal points and  fstop chosen create a different style of image here.

One would normally, think the centre is the focal point, or maybe one segment.  But what we have here, is a clockface design.

With the higher petal peaks in focus, taking us ….. here and then there.  Hit and miss.

Around the flower.  In focus, then – out of focus.

It keeps us moving along.  Keeps us guessing, and I find myself more intrigued.




Peeking Out

Emerging. Peeking out. It makes me think of a magic mirror with the tips breaking through. Coming through into this world……

This garden path is such fun. Even better is the fact that we can walk the path again and again, through these photographs.

camera magic, great flower photography,,
Peeking Out, Kelly Walker (c) 2017





garden of flowers, poppy, macro photography,
poppy bud, kellywalker (c) 2017

I love the detail. The macro zoom worked well to show off the super fine hair like bristles.  The sheer amount of detail was balanced by the monochromatic palette beautifully.



garden grevillia, macro photography, red flower, nature photos,
Garden Grevillia, Kelly Walker (c) 2017


Creating Depth

The red garden grevilia has wonderful sense of depth. You can clearly see the background, the middleground and the foreground.

The other thing I quite like is how its been designed.  The peachy brown leaves lead into the photograph right to the red grevillias.





These nature photographs have been created and taken by Kelly Walker (c)

They are her sole property.  If you’d like to purchase her work, please do so at kelly walker @