Creative Art Inspirations

Stella Terrill Mann, “Every time we say, Let there be! in any form, something happens.” I’ve been away. Not literally, but figuratively. Taking a …. Pause. Reflecting. Many of you, readers, customers, students and friends ask with increasing frequency, “When, are you going to post again?!” “Soon, When it is Time.” Has been my response.Continue reading “Creative Art Inspirations”

How Much Do You Paint?

“No, I don’t really paint, as much as I used to do, ”  was my response the other day. I wished I’d had a camera to capture all those expressions from my group, right then!   You could see a million things running through their minds. Shock.  Say it isn’t so. How is that, possible?   But….Continue reading “How Much Do You Paint?”

Color of Imagination…. Purple 9

So much fun to be had with the color purple. Our imaginations take flight more so, with this one magic and mysterious color. And, at last,  the left brain….takes a seat.   “What,  IF….”  is the dominant theme with 9  “purple, violet, magenta, lilac, lavender”  images below. No rules, just play.       MagicContinue reading “Color of Imagination…. Purple 9”

Walk on the Calm Side: 55 minutes

I pulled over into the nature reserve’s parking bay. Quickly glancing down at my watch, 7:08 am, (just double checking.)  Mentally going through my morning checklist.  Organising the sequence of events. Wondering if I, really, should be taking this time. Should I, be using this time to enjoy,  a short walk on the calm side.Continue reading “Walk on the Calm Side: 55 minutes”

The Deepest Sky

Infinite depth.  A sense of timelessness and vastness that is compelling.  That is what I  find so captivating about skies and clouds. The featured black and white cloud study keeps pulling my eyes right into its depths.   The Depths of the Sky   In these 3 skies,  2 photographs and one watercolor that I’veContinue reading “The Deepest Sky”

Watercolors with Strelitzias

Wednesday Watercolors. Today I’m using brushes, pens with Inks, palette knife, acrylics and watercolors.  And working in two very different painting styles – one using a botanical style and the other, a loose free flowing abstraction of the flower forms. My silly Strelitzias on Saturday inspired a few photographs and doodles, and my efforts todayContinue reading “Watercolors with Strelitzias”

Friday’s Fun Photo: Freckles and Speckles

Speckles, freckles and splatters.  Quail eggs, tin foil and a watercolour painting backdrop. Frenetic? maybe. But, I kinda’ liked it!   Quail Egg Art Props I’ve been wanting to get some quail eggs as art props for quite awhile, but kept putting it off. I hadn’t been able do the ‘cost justification’ on this one.Continue reading “Friday’s Fun Photo: Freckles and Speckles”

In Gratitude, Jan 1 2016

Its a good day to reflect, In Gratitude.  I look back at all the many friends, neighbors, relatives that have – at a crucial point in time, made a difference.  Most,  are unaware of how much impact they had upon the course of my life. Jan Vincent,  a treasured friend,  painted this miniature for me.Continue reading “In Gratitude, Jan 1 2016”

A Walk With Water and Color

Its 3 AM and I’m going for a walk. Join me?! Pitch black. A furnace of midnight heat blasts. Further sleep evades, I rise. Too early for a real walk, too dark to paint. But, I can ‘walk’ in my library. With cooling colors and refreshing water.  Lets go! Water and Color   First Stop onContinue reading “A Walk With Water and Color”

Stunning Combination: Watercolors

Want a winning new watercolor combination to try?  You’re going to love this one with its  Spectacular Effects!  Creative, fun, imaginative.  Perfect for landscape paintings.  Relaxing, calm, zen. What more could you ask for?!   This duo can just about create a painting by themselves if you let them. Daniel Smith Watercolor Combination Lunar BlackContinue reading “Stunning Combination: Watercolors”