Infinite depth.  A sense of timelessness and vastness that is compelling.  That is what I  find so captivating about skies and clouds. The featured black and white cloud study keeps pulling my eyes right into its depths.

clouds and sky, photograph,
Infinite Depths


The Depths of the Sky


In these 3 skies,  2 photographs and one watercolor that I’ve chosen,  their strong bold mood is conveyed.


This Break of Dawn photo,  has a rather unique shape within.  the dawn’s light at the horizon just peeking out has created a bird shape.  Almost like a Kookaburra.


I thought it was so odd.  And I loved the indigo, indanthrone colors in the sky!


dawn sky, deepest sky darks, photo,
Break of Dawn




Watercolor Sky painting

storm clouds, sky painting watercolors,
The Wind and The Storm

The Wind and The Storm is watercolors wet in wet, with the deep purple slashing downwards like a squall is coming in.     I left areas white, so as to not overly dull the image down too much into mid tones.



More  SKIES?!

I’ve just added some brand new sky paintings today,  to the page Watercolor Basics,  look at the section Frequently Asked Questions for skies.  Question 9.


And,  I have also added  3 fresh new watercolor skies in, Inspired by the Clouds for you to check out as well.