The Deepest Sky

clouds and sky, photograph,

Infinite depth.  A sense of timelessness and vastness that is compelling.  That is what I  find so captivating about skies and clouds. The featured black and white cloud study keeps pulling my eyes right into its depths.

clouds and sky, photograph,
Infinite Depths


The Depths of the Sky


In these 3 skies,  2 photographs and one watercolor that I’ve chosen,  their strong bold mood is conveyed.


This Break of Dawn photo,  has a rather unique shape within.  the dawn’s light at the horizon just peeking out has created a bird shape.  Almost like a Kookaburra.


I thought it was so odd.  And I loved the indigo, indanthrone colors in the sky!


dawn sky, deepest sky darks, photo,
Break of Dawn




Watercolor Sky painting

storm clouds, sky painting watercolors,
The Wind and The Storm

The Wind and The Storm is watercolors wet in wet, with the deep purple slashing downwards like a squall is coming in.     I left areas white, so as to not overly dull the image down too much into mid tones.



More  SKIES?!

I’ve just added some brand new sky paintings today,  to the page Watercolor Basics,  look at the section Frequently Asked Questions for skies.  Question 9.


And,  I have also added  3 fresh new watercolor skies in, Inspired by the Clouds for you to check out as well.




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The act of creation, in any media is a fascinating and magical process. I simply love to create. Expressing in color, line, tone, texture - as if, they were words upon a page. Creating a uniquely me, interpretation. Enjoy More of my "one-of-a-kind" expressive art at and,

33 thoughts on “The Deepest Sky

      1. you are so sweet Debi – not exactly sure which photo you mean. I have to look into what it would cost to print on cards or as prints etc. vs. what to charge…… I really appreciate your encouragement.

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      1. Skies are so wonderful….I’m thinking about an abstract sky……your landscapes inspire me so much, Debi. Art is an endless fascination and challenge. I don’t know how I “lived” prior to finding art as a huge presence in my life!

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      2. I echo that Laura. all of it! without eyes, I would be – not me.
        I love how you have taken so many risks and jumped ahead recently.
        I see with joy, how much more you are relying each day on your own inner creative voice. 🙂 it is a Beautiful Thing!

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      3. Thank you, Debi. I am feeling that too, and it feels good. I was looking for approval for too long. That blogging break really helped me to focus on what matters to me. You’re such a wonderful mentor and friend. Thanking the Master Artist tonight for creating YOU! 💜


  1. I love the sky, I love clouds and I do incorporate it as often as possible into my illustrations. Your skies and clouds are fantastically beautiful, there is nothing like it when you have a real brush to paint it, and boy you do that perfectly!
    You made me dream of clouds 🙂
    Have a super beautiful weekend!

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    1. thanks so much! I think there is a reason at times we turn to the skies and clouds for our art so heavily…. perhaps to chill, relax just a little bit more 🙂

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  2. My mother once told me (as a child) that when you see clouds that look like those in your painting here, that means it’s raining over where that cloud is. (Where you have the dark cloud “pulling” down toward the earth.)

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  3. Have you read Hubert Damisch’s A Theory of /Cloud/ Toward a History of Painting? The best thing I’ve read on art history/theory. Brilliant!

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    1. not yet! Thank you Jacob, when I get a chance to get to the library I’ll see if they have it. I’m sure it would be very enlightening!


      1. No we don’t fish. We go up to the Creede area which is the SE but have been all over. We ride ATV,s up in the high passes where it’s hard for cars to go.

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