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Comments made:


“Color…. so delicious I could lick it off!”


“Impressionist and filled with Light.”

“Sensitive,  Abstract shapes and tones.”


“Bursting with Color!”



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Floral art design (c) debijriley @



Riley Designs: Unique Creations

Each design I’ve done, has been uniquely and originally created from my own personal reference sources.

Perhaps they were …..memories, or feelings, art journals, or photos taken on my frequent art strolls.

But each design and art image, is always an Original that I personally,  arrange and design, create.  Always.

I impart a bit of ‘me’ into every colorful brushstroke!

Each design, each product, has a little sliver of my spirit of creativity and my imagination infused into it – to share with you.



Where To Shop

My art designs are represented in two online shops:


Below – just a teeny sampling of the hundreds of products now available


Lime and Pink,





cobalt teal blue, fern pattern, duvet, debi riley art,
DUVET: Mary Ellen Fern Pattern – debijriley






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Tropical  Greens ..With a Splash!       debiriley


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