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I think in the past, many of us brushed past things, too busy to pay attention.

Too wrapped up in getting through our list, our agenda, to observe anything more.

Many, perhaps, don’t generally take the time to go for a wander onto side paths to investigate….artists like JJ Hilder.

But every time I do leave the path, I uncover…. fascinating and stunning, treasures.


watercolor icon JJHilder
JJHilder Dry Lagoon detail

As I mentioned in my last post Tangents,  JJ Hilder was in the upcoming post.

I provided the link to the art gallery where you could view numerous watercolor landscapes painted by Hilder.


JJ Hilder Watercolorist

JJ Hilder was an Australian watercolorist, born in Queensland 1881. He died 1916 in NSW. So, he was fairly young.

However he had been beset all his life with very poor health.  The paintings he created during his short lifetime, are exceptional. Pure watercolor, feeling and sensitivity. His sense of design, brilliant. And he was not fearful of leaving things out!

Often when I mention to my groups, to look at or to reference JJ Hilder…. blank looks meet me.


He definitely fits the criteria as another Australian Icon of Watercolor.

I’m happy to share information with the watercolorists, and artists in general, about JJ Hilder.


JJHilder watercolor icon
Glowing, JJHilder detail of watercolor landscape Dry Lagoon


Watercolor Key Points

The key points I enjoy about his work:


Brevity, clarity, transparency.

A sense of lightness, depth and distance without overworking.  Subtlety.

His trees are dreamy.

The brush use is light, swift, deft.

Plenty of paint is mixed up and ready, no scrimping or ….. scraping it on.



Hilder is an inspiration!

I can aspire to have the same loose free, lovely way of painting the subject as Hilder. Using,  my own interpretive style…. without the compulsion to duplicate Hilder. As much as I love him, I won’t duplicate or replicate his paintings.

Oh! How I would love to have a Hilder hanging on my wall!


But, I still believe, in myself.

In my own voice.


And I believe, that it is what the audience of today wants to see and hear and feel….. Authenticity.

I could be wrong.  I don’t think so, though.

Because if I replicated, templated, its not using my words.

Its repeating the lyrics already written.




inspired trees
Trees in the my  Park debiriley.com
local park scene fog
my Park, in fog … I am inspired


JJ Hilder was just a bit of a creative artistic rebel. I smile at that!


He painted as he “felt” it.


He was more than fine using artistic license,  to create as he interpreted the subject.

It was as if the subject and he, held a communication of sorts. A dialogue.

And we, the viewers can feel the Authentic camaraderie.



There are many online avenues, to research JJ Hilder.  Go on…. have a peek.

JJ Hilder’s works are magnificent, and not, to be overlooked! 







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  1. What a lovely visit with you. I hadn’t realized how far behind I was.Thanks for the introduction to JJ Hilder and Blamire Young. I can see why you love them so much. Hope all is well with you. Warmest wishes Debi 🙂


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