Tangents: make life…. ‘More’

fallen leaves in pond

To Diverge off the beaten track

I diverged from my path, my written originally intended post.

However, I will definitely post it next, as its on the art and life of the great painter…. JJ Hilder. Another artist I adore.

If you go to the link I just shared, ie at the art gallery, you will be provided views of JJ Hilders stunning watercolor landscapes.


autumn leaves in a pond
fallen amber, cognac jewel toned leaves swirled amongst the reeds


Its almost like when I set out for my strolls… beauty finds me everywhere I look.

Heading down the path, I’d not taken before.

Off. On a tangent.


And. Why, NOT!

Its fun;   fun… is good for us!



So it happened on my diversion, I didn’t find what I what looking for.

The fallen leaves were found.

And were far too lovely to resist.

autumn leaves in pond photograph
Leaves fallen and just under water, yet still so vibrant

That’s how fascinating discoveries are made.

It makes life, More.


I’m ready to get my shoes on, ready for another outdoor excursion.

Wondering….. what, will I find to make me smile?  or laugh? To share?


fallen leaves in pond
Lovely Leaves in pond, submerged, yet glowing and vibrant



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