The Fine Art of Self-Love

  Art, Self Love and 2020. 2020.  A new direction. A new dimension.    I loved 2019. I felt great, worked on some fabulous projects and took on more tasks than previous years. All the while, still feeling better than ever.  Amazing year.   Moving forwards is ingrained into me, I’m constantly trying to reachContinue reading “The Fine Art of Self-Love”

Friday’s Fun Photo: Freckles and Speckles

Speckles, freckles and splatters.  Quail eggs, tin foil and a watercolour painting backdrop. Frenetic? maybe. But, I kinda’ liked it!   Quail Egg Art Props I’ve been wanting to get some quail eggs as art props for quite awhile, but kept putting it off. I hadn’t been able do the ‘cost justification’ on this one.Continue reading “Friday’s Fun Photo: Freckles and Speckles”

Flying over Naples Yellow

Little wings,  seemingly in flight hovering mid air.  Could it be a hummingbird?   A painting with Naples Yellow,  cobalt teal,  indigo, and indanthrone blue create a wonderful color harmony I would not have expected from these colors!   I love the gorgeous naples yellow, a wonderful soft buttery subtle yellow. Naples Yellow, Not brashContinue reading “Flying over Naples Yellow”

Friday Photo: Hints of Abstraction

Walking… I mean my version of walking. Slow strolling is more apt.  But, I am scouting for things out there!  If I go too fast, you know I’ll pass the lovely, the mysterious and delightful things right by, and we can’t have that.   Its only when we pause and seriously Really Look, that weContinue reading “Friday Photo: Hints of Abstraction”

Oceans of Turquoise and Cobalt Teal

Seductive, addictive cobalt teal blue. A blend of turquoise and cobalt teal blue reach out in invitation. Preceding layers of acrylic paint are seen beneath the surface, creating an illusion of depth in the turquoise shallows. Making me feel like I could easily walk right into liquid bliss.   Ocean Waters of Cobalt Teal  Continue reading “Oceans of Turquoise and Cobalt Teal”