Summer Retreat

Good Morning! With so much news to share, its been really challenging for me to choose which topic to begin with since my return from summer break.   Summer Summer?  Yes, well,  it is a wild and wet, brisk, winter here in Perth. Refreshing, shall we say. But it is summer, in Seattle.   TheContinue reading “Summer Retreat”

Gardens in Color!

Gorgeous rich ruby red stalks splaying out in verticals and diagonals. The reds, a perfect foil to the citrine green foliage. Delightful Colors found in the garden.     Illustrations…. This photograph, is one of the few, I would use as a direct source to paint from. It would (and will)  make a lovely illustration, Continue reading “Gardens in Color!”

Watercolors: from an ember

Cobalt teal blue works its magic once more, whispering in the skies as the inferno below scorches the land.     Inspiration: sparks from just an ember Its simple really. Being inspired.   If you think about it.         Burning Drive How would I explain this term, “inspiration?” To be inspired  – Continue reading “Watercolors: from an ember”

Watercolors and Oils: Doors to The Masters

Three Masters: Thomas Moran, Pierre Bonnard and John Singer Sargent. Each, presenting ‘the door’ in their own way.     Art Masters to know   Sargent Sargent, with his loose and easy watercolor flair. Seemingly just flinging color in the air; then it all,  as if by magic, comes to together.   The shadowed door,Continue reading “Watercolors and Oils: Doors to The Masters”

Colors of a blue blood Moon

March 31, 1866 was the last time North America saw this eclipse, known as the blue blood moon. The Southern Hemisphere has a more recent viewing: December 30 1982. Still, that is a long wait either way!     Moon Inspired   Colors…. check. Details….check. My television, the Southern Sky.   Inked blue, the nightContinue reading “Colors of a blue blood Moon”

Fun at the Art Shop

I’m back from the art shop. Why, is this news? Well…. you can save money from what I learned there, for starters!  $100 savings in paper….     The Art… of  Shopping   I went up to the Oxlades Art Supply shop in the northern suburbs of Perth. There I found some decent sales items.Continue reading “Fun at the Art Shop”

On The Waters….

Colors shining. In violet, indigo and pink and gleaming ultramarine. They dance, these colors. Softly. Upon the waters.     From The Pond be still and just BE…. just breathe until you hear the colors sing and come to life     sit by the pond’s edge and wait….   and wait, until at last,Continue reading “On The Waters….”

Coastal Inlet – semi abstract oils

Semi Abstract oil painting, a coastal inlet in blues and greens.           Preparing the Surface The painting was done on a board that I’d previously gessoed. Then I hammered and scratched to distress the wood.  This left many areas where the gesso had been beaten so roughly it had come off.Continue reading “Coastal Inlet – semi abstract oils”

Watercolors… inspired by peace

This is a 22 x30 inch full sheet of Fabriano soft press paper I had stashed. Its a minimalist abstract watercolor that I have just done quickly. This morning.     Watercolor Abstract inspirations   No labored multitude of brushstrokes. Quiet. With a very large amount of white space.       My thoughts wereContinue reading “Watercolors… inspired by peace”