Its a good day to reflect, In Gratitude.  I look back at all the many friends, neighbors, relatives that have – at a crucial point in time, made a difference.  Most,  are unaware of how much impact they had upon the course of my life.

In Gratitude, Jan Vincent artist,
In Gratitude, by Jan Vincent artist

Jan Vincent,  a treasured friend,  painted this miniature for me. Using 24 k gold leaf and French Ultramarine,  the orange clivia flowers  sing with joy. To me.

Jan’s website is   


Its a good day to reflect In Gratitude.

Too often, we  whinge. We see the awful, the negative,  we see “what’s Wrong.”


But, Its a good day to reflect. In Gratitude.

Life isn’t ‘perfect’ !     We all have a story.  And within the story, contains hundreds of people whom we now can clearly see all the good, all the hope, the Light, the assistance they gave us.


Its a good day.  I’m  Grateful.



Thank You,  dear readers and friends

December 2015 saw a record of 1000 likes that month.

2015 saw 39,000 views to my website.   I reached year end goal of 500 total followers by 1.   Month by month, I figured out more WP  things to do – and surprised myself.

Thank you for your encouragements, comments, friendships – and for returning!

In Gratitude,