In Gratitude, Jan 1 2016

In Gratitude, Jan Vincent artist,

Its a good day to reflect, In Gratitude.  I look back at all the many friends, neighbors, relatives that have – at a crucial point in time, made a difference.  Most,  are unaware of how much impact they had upon the course of my life.

In Gratitude, Jan Vincent artist,
In Gratitude, by Jan Vincent artist

Jan Vincent,  a treasured friend,  painted this miniature for me. Using 24 k gold leaf and French Ultramarine,  the orange clivia flowers  sing with joy. To me.

Jan’s website is   


Its a good day to reflect In Gratitude.

Too often, we  whinge. We see the awful, the negative,  we see “what’s Wrong.”


But, Its a good day to reflect. In Gratitude.

Life isn’t ‘perfect’ !     We all have a story.  And within the story, contains hundreds of people whom we now can clearly see all the good, all the hope, the Light, the assistance they gave us.


Its a good day.  I’m  Grateful.



Thank You,  dear readers and friends

December 2015 saw a record of 1000 likes that month.

2015 saw 39,000 views to my website.   I reached year end goal of 500 total followers by 1.   Month by month, I figured out more WP  things to do – and surprised myself.

Thank you for your encouragements, comments, friendships – and for returning!

In Gratitude,





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21 thoughts on “In Gratitude, Jan 1 2016

  1. I’m still in Dec 31, 6:09pm! Happy New Year to you Debi. I too am grateful for a good life and the many gifts that happen daily. Thank you for the friendship and I’ll look forward to the many creative exchanges in 2016.

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  2. Happy New Year, Debi! You’re one of those people for me; I can’t tell you how many times your words encouraged me to keep rocking on in this crazy art (and life) journey. May you have a wonderfully blessed 2016, my friend! ❤

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    1. such a warm and uplifting thing to hear early in the morning! perfect…. thank you Laura. my heart is always glad to hear that I can pass on some inspiration and encouragement! wishing you a wonderful art adventure 2016 – cheers, and a hug!

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  3. your words made me a bit pensive and they were beautiful and right. The most important in life is to have good friends or a nice family. I hope you have both, dear Debi. All the best for 2016, kind regards to Down Under, Mitza

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    1. Thank you very much Andrew! I’m looking forward to seeing what artistic creations 2016 reveals in your work. It was really delightful to see all your paintings emerge last year. You almost had me thinking I could do a post a day!

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