Watercolours Wild and Wonderful

Watercolours wild, fast and loose. Yes, watercolours are out again!  Fast paced,  ‘timed’ challenges were quite exciting.  With wonderful colourful hints of light and shadow,  20 minute timed exercises provide a feeling of spontaneity and immediacy. This painting was timed 20 minutes, so there would be  no fiddling. The paper was a non watercolour paper, withoutContinue reading “Watercolours Wild and Wonderful”

The Delightful Palette Knife

What wondrous things a palette knife can do! Soft diffusions of colours and tones and  heaped up delicious globs of paint, I think I’m a bit obsessed with my PK 1008 palette knife. But I’m sure you can see why its so easy to get lost in all the delightful patterns, textures and colours that’sContinue reading “The Delightful Palette Knife”

Leave Room For Mystery, Said Henry Matisse

Henry Matisse has many great quotes, but two especially, resonate within me:   “Would it not be best to leave room to mystery?”    and    “I do not literally paint that table but the emotion it produces upon me.”     The spirit in which I paint integrates both of these concepts.   Matisse paintedContinue reading “Leave Room For Mystery, Said Henry Matisse”

Happy Mother’s Day! Watercolour Bouquet

Happy Mother’s Day!  Thank You to all the Mothers who devote their hearts, souls, lives ensuring their children are loved and know it! When your children are little, they may not tell you but your love means more than anything to them. Thank you. Mother’s Day is a celebration, a remembrance, a memorial. Mother’s DayContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day! Watercolour Bouquet”

Forest Lake Reflections -watercolour and inks

Forest Lake Reflections  a semi abstract composition using Cerulean Blue in watercolours and Burnt Sienna in inks.   I’ve allowed the two colours to merge and flow into intriguing patterns making sure there is adequate light tone, mid tone and dark tone through out the entire design.

Paintings of Forests

Watercolour, oils, encaustics and mixed media were used for the four paintings featuring types of forests from around the world.  The watercolour painting was a small miniature only 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches and the location was the Pacific Northwest near Bainbridge Island, Washington.   The next forest painting  A Golden Grove had a watercolourContinue reading “Paintings of Forests”

Influencing The Viewer By Directing The Eye

People scan images constantly. Looking for pathways of least resistance. The easiest routes have no hard sharp edges that act as ‘shut gates’.   Upon A Hill has several  “open gates”    Soft Edges that allow the viewer’s  eye to easily travel up and through the image. This painting is very easy on the eyesContinue reading “Influencing The Viewer By Directing The Eye”

Ice Mountain in Watercolours

Fun!  Creative and Imaginative. A great way to explore texture, line, colour and tonal values as well as using your imagination!   This was done with burnt sienna, french ultramarine and a micron of permanent rose with a plastic wrap technique applied in vertical bands. Just make sure your watercolour paints are quite sloppy wet,Continue reading “Ice Mountain in Watercolours”

Painting with Depth: Background to Foreground

As I paint, my goal is to create the sense of seamless progression of back to front, i.e.  background into the middle ground and then foreground.  The prior post  Depth,  shared information on how Colour  is a great tool to create  the illusion of this kind of depth in a painting.  Edges and Tonal valuesContinue reading “Painting with Depth: Background to Foreground”

Painting Impressionistic Landscapes

Loose, free, colourful, impressionistic – thats how I love to paint landscapes.  Using the Impressionistic  approach I’ll use my hand, my brush, a colour to put my own personal interpretation of the subject into the paintings.  I enjoy bold colour applied with confidence, something that looks like I was having fun!   I really don’tContinue reading “Painting Impressionistic Landscapes”