Watercolor Techniques: painting water

Short and quick today. Observing how water can be painted using watercolors.     Painting Water In the samples shown,  I’ve created the impression, the illusion of water on paper. Cobalt teal blue in watercolor helps, of course. But, so does understanding the tones, the feeling, mood, and which of the common techniques to use.Continue reading “Watercolor Techniques: painting water”

Impressionist Watercolor Landscape (artistic license)

Its about artistic freedom, artist license. The joy of expressing in paints, brushstrokes, color, the things you’d like to say with words… but can’t.   Communicate Through the Arts   Perfect If I was a singer, maybe the words would be clear and perfect. And elegant, eloquent, full ranged.  Sounding lovely and lyrical. But then,Continue reading “Impressionist Watercolor Landscape (artistic license)”

4 Findings – in the art studio

What is in my studio!? Like some of you there are days, I don’t dare even look. But, then like today the spirit captures me and I dig in.   Here are a few of my findings I found enjoyable. Things I’d forgotten.  Images long left in the boxes. Unseen.     4  Art FindingsContinue reading “4 Findings – in the art studio”

Sea Coves

Beautiful blues and crystal clear turquoise waters of the sea, seem to always draw us closer. Well, those colors mesmerise me at any rate!     Watercolor Experiments This was a lovely fun experiment.   Just simply pouring paints on and then watching their tiny particles float and drift, then finally sink as they dried.Continue reading “Sea Coves”

Spring Greens

Evelyn Flint has a wonderful art website and blog. So imaginative, creative, fresh, free, and Full of Artistic Adventures that are color magic! Her latest post was irresistible, I’ve had to repost it to share with you. You will, absolutely love Evelyn’s art – check out her website.

Color Play Triad

Just for fun. A quick bit of mixing and matching. Testing the colors out, seeing who looks good together.     Watercolor Play I created a 6 set chart in watercolors. Then found a few sets that appealed to me the most.   This triad with the Daniel Smith Moonglow, the cobalt teal (green blue)Continue reading “Color Play Triad”

To Master Color….

To master color, what I do…. is Experiment.         Master Color, Watercolors   Alot of it. But, it is so fun.   It Can be super fast, like this one!  5 Minutes. And you learn so much from every practice you do.   I find that setting aside the 5 minutes, insteadContinue reading “To Master Color….”