LinoPrinting – Atwell Gallery Perth

This year, 2016 was a lovely and rewarding year teaching at Atwell Gallery!     Tuesday’s students exceeded what we set out to accomplish. To learn many, more ways to bring forth their creativity.  To learn a wide variety of Fun, out of the box, print making by hand, techniques.   I was inspired byContinue reading “LinoPrinting – Atwell Gallery Perth”

Walk on The Dark Side

National Cat Day inspired a bit of digital creativity.       Her name is Jewel….of the Nile. A 2 pat cat. All sweet, snuggly, lovey dovey. Purring and ‘smiling.’ And without blinking. Hisses.     I had fun on National Cat Day creating this apt, portrait of her uniqueness. The beautiful girl who enjoysContinue reading “Walk on The Dark Side”

Art – Whats Been Going On!

A day of updates! Thanks to you –  lovely readers and followers, the website has 150K views as of today!     Several kind people have inquired about paintings, art, prints, products for sale. I’ve had ‘technical’ difficulties. ie…  (I am not so computer savvy) I must confess.  The  loading process was a bitContinue reading “Art – Whats Been Going On!”

Wildflower Trail

On the trail.  Travelling deep into W.A. wildflower country. Finding so many blossoms of lovely colors, its just hard to choose one!     Digital Dots   Lilacs and Purples all speckled and dotted!   I chose to create a digital painting emphasising dots.     This of course, ties in to some cultural aspects hereContinue reading “Wildflower Trail”