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LinoPrinting – Atwell Gallery Perth

LinoPrinting – Atwell Gallery Perth

This year, 2016 was a lovely and rewarding year teaching at Atwell Gallery!


lino printing by hand, negative spaces, Atwell Gallery Perth, Debi Riley artist,
LIno Printing by hand       on Japanese paper


Tuesday’s students exceeded what we set out to accomplish.

To learn many, more ways to bring forth their creativity.  To learn a wide variety of Fun, out of the box, print making by hand, techniques.


I was inspired by their work each week.

Their Positive, creative spirits.  Their motivation.

I learned.  From the class.


It was one of the most rewarding years I’ve had in 25+ years.




The course had a small number of extremely willing, adventurous art spirits.

Happy to try new techniques. With Positive outlooks. Each person added to the group, to make it a caring and sharing environment.

And they were Willing to do a wee bit of  prep during the week.


You know,   a teacher’s dream class………





I hope that 2017 will be filled with people just as Positive.

Just as willing and keen to take on an imaginative and creative adventure in the New Course I’ve designed –  “Master Color” !



art possibilities, Atwell Gallery classes,
creative possibilities, Tony’s art







Walk on The Dark Side

Walk on The Dark Side

National Cat Day inspired a bit of digital creativity.


cat photo, digital art of cat, cat whimsy, National Cat Day quotes, cat art,
Walk in the Light, please!



Her name is Jewel….of the Nile.

A 2 pat cat.

All sweet, snuggly, lovey dovey. Purring and ‘smiling.’

And without blinking. Hisses.



I had fun on National Cat Day creating this apt, portrait of her uniqueness.

The beautiful girl who enjoys most, her  walks on the dark side.  










Fan of Ferns: Cobalt Teal Blue

Fan of Ferns: Cobalt Teal Blue

Ferns are so fresh, lovely, lively and earthy.

They Grow.

With greens in every shade and hue, they’re absolutely refreshing.

I’ve recently painted a series of ferns in remembrance of my grandmother.



fern design watercolor, fern abstract art, zen painting,
MaryEllen Fern



Mary Ellen Fern


I’ve decided to honor her memory and the name the collection The Mary Ellen Fern Collection.


In past posts I mentioned my grandmother and her love of the outdoors. She loved hiking in the woods and would take me with her every chance she could.


Picking ferns was one of her favorite hobbies, and it gave her a bit of ‘pocket money’ for herself too.

A girl has her needs, you know!



Mary Ellen Fern (c)
Pocket Money… Mary Ellen Fern design




Fern Color and Light


I couldn’t resist my favorite color:  Cobalt Teal Blue pg50

Nor could I resist the influence of Toko Shinodo and her stunning sense of Light and Space. Shinodo’s use of White space, is divine.   (This linked image was Shinodo inspired.)

Incredibly,  Inspirationally, Shinodo still paints. At 103.




My grandmother was like that.

In her 80’s …. she hopped on a Greyhound bus and travelled from the West coast to the East coast.  (“Back East,” she’d say.)

She wanted to see her family back East. This was back in the early 70’s and it was a long journey across the States, by bus!

(Would I,  do That?!    would…you?   Who is smiling Now!)



Well, my grandmother had set her mind to going.

So….She DID!  She didn’t wait around for somebody else to take her.

Or “To do it for her.” Or go with her.

She’d never go,  if she did that.


A real go getter, strong and determined. Putting action to her resolve.

I admire those qualities.




fern pattern dress, white and cobalt teal fern pattern,
‘mary ellen fern’ design ….  dress


Fern Design and Prints

The clean,  elegance of  Light – and-  the crisp cobalt teal blue ……

sing of light in the forest.


There is a wonderful and refreshing feeling of Joy in this.

I can feel it and am refreshed,  Inspired from this simple design.




The Simplicity. 


There is a Walt Whitman  quote I’d like to share,

“The art of Art,

the glory of expression and the sunshine

of the light of letters









Learning  Points 

What I Learned From My Grandmother:

Inner Strength.  Resolve. Resilience.

Patience and Persistence. Til…it is Done!

Self Reliance.  Independent Spirit.

Listening to the Self.


  • The qualities she exhibited- are the same qualities artists (I) need to succeed.
  • Strength, resolve, and being a ‘Go-Getter’   are needed for us to improve our skills.
  • Quality of Self Reliance.  (I) we need that. In order to carry on … regardless.
  • We must follow our own path. To do our (MY) own thing.
  • We (I) need to clearly define, and set a goal and make it happen.





So, yes.  I am a Fan of Ferns.

That’s another way of saying, I’m a fan of my Grandmother!






Art – Whats Been Going On!

Art – Whats Been Going On!

A day of updates!

Thanks to you –  lovely readers and followers, the website has 150K views as of today! art designs


Several kind people have inquired about paintings, art, prints, products for sale.

I’ve had ‘technical’ difficulties. ie…  (I am not so computer savvy) I must confess.  The  loading process was a bit of a debi downer. LOL

I’m still at  so you still find and purchase my art designs there. I’ll keep persevering til I master it!




debijriley art prints, art prints



Exciting.   Fun and Play.

Redbubble Shop!


But,  I have found  my Redbubble  shop  a whole lot easier.

For the Technology challenged folks out there,  (me)  its fairly straightforward.

EASY. Fun.

In fact, I spent all day long on it.  And No  grizzling!



art designs and paintings,
skirt design debijriley



It has the ability to do repeat patterns.

Upload only one image and then scale it up or down.  It is fun.

Check it out.  It may be something you’d be interested in.



popular mountain in blue,
Popular Mt in blue –




At any rate,  my art is now in two stores.  Society

and  Redbubble   (debijriley)



autumn color, framed watercolor pastel print, impressionist landscape, autumn color
Autumn Colored, at debijriley


requests welcome!

Autumn…. is was requested; and now is on my Redbubble shop in several different products.




Redbubble  is so much easier for me,  I’ll be using it alot more in the upcoming weeks and months.

As the shopping season, draws near I hope to have a really good range in both shops.


I like my Cadmium Red Love dress… so much,  I’ve just ordered it for myself!

And,  no.

Thats not me. Its a much younger model, thank you!


cadmium red abstract design, art designs
Cadmium Red Love in Flames … a Dress! debijriley




Thank you my readers.   I’m grateful for your support and patronage.

cheers, Debi




Bright and Fun Art for Me!

Bright and Fun Art for Me!

I’m missing Silly Saturdays.

Those days of coming up with silly, fun art creations for no other reason than just because. For…. the sheer pleasure,  the  process of creating provides!


self portraits, photo,
bright and fun… self portrait  fun

Of course, its done in a version of cobalt teal!



Bright, Fun, Playful Art

Yes, they fell by the wayside with the 31 days of July watercolor marathon and the Kalbarri adventures, and a few other ‘projects.’

You, have been pretty quiet about the Silly Saturdays. So, I’d concluded they’d served their purpose and it was time to let them …go.


digital art photo flowers,
Pretty Edges but whats in the middle


But… that ‘silliness’  plays a vital role in sparking the ember and fanning the flames of  creativity.


I think,  “Silly Saturday”  might make a return now and again!



Collage Textures

watercolor collage layers, fun art,
WIP watercolor collage I


fun art projects, collage and digital art,
Collage Layers and inks II

The watercolor cool and calm collage, still, an ongoing WIP… but was quite fun to play with editing sections. Using filters and double exposures.



Bright Colors

Deep pine green, indigo, lavenders and blushing rose layers created a bright colorful and very playful art image for me.

fun bright layers flower petal, digital photo,
fun and bright layers, like diffused oils on board…




So, today is a ‘throwback to silly art.’

And, lets hope for more Silly Saturdays…. whenever I can!



This final image was done with Jill in mind.  I’d told her I’d play around with trying out some self portraits some time ago. I hadn’t forgotten!

bright fun digital portraits,
Bold fun red and blue



bright and fun art creation projects,
cropping cadmium,

I’ve overlaid the portrait on top of my cadmium red abstract. Adjusted the tones and cropped a bit of the sides, for another Bright and Fun art creation!  





Walt Disney: A Creative, Color Magician

Walt Disney: A Creative, Color Magician

I madly love color.  I could define myself as a color addict, almost.  It all began while sitting in front of the television long ago.  And it was the magic hour.  Time, for Disney to start.

Walt Disney and his vivid,  creative imagination. Can you imagine what it would have been like without any of his creations?   I don’t even want to.

He took many of us out of the stiff and formal, often stilted world of black and white.

Into a realm of living color.

Down the fantastic slippery dip of color.  A Kaleidascope of Magic.


Walt Disney a kaleidascope color, abstract painting,
Pure Color is a Delight,

No images belonging to the Disney corporation are being used on this website.  per copyright infringement regulations.


Genius of Disney


In retrospect, I see how Disney’s creations drew us all out of the known world’s  limitations and into a world of possibilities.

Of Imagination.

Of childlike wonder and fascination.

Yes, Even the adults. Especially the adults.




What, Did Disney Possess?

How did he buck the existing rigid society system?

What made Disney succeed so dramatically that his impact can be felt close to 100 years on?






Can we do this too?

In our own way? In our own corners of the cosmos?

Absolutely!    And, why not?!   



Creative Color Magician

Walt Disney remains one of the world’s inspirational creative geniuses.  I love, admire and seek to emulate his Attitude.

My childhood, my artistic journey, my paintings – have all been highly influenced by the technicolor world of Disney.



Imagination is a Muscle  

Walt Disney, just ‘let his imagination go.’   He allowed it,  to fly.

So can I.


Freedom in thought and possibilities, became his second nature. And then, it became his first nature.   As natural as breathing to him.


A muscle he used so often it had no choice but to grow powerful.

A skill he honed until … became one of the most Magnificent artistic voices on film and television.





You see where I’m going with this.

  • Allow your creativity to break free.
  • Give it your ‘permission.’
  • Then, use that muscle  until  it becomes strong.
  • Yes, at first its weak and flabby.
  • But,  you don’t have to let it stay that way.






And it is true,  Walt Disney was last century.

Steve Jobs and his inventive masterpieces, certainly are more recent. Fresh,  in the population’s memories.


But, Disney…..

he opened those castle drawbridge doors to the kinds of creative possibilities that the world had never before imagined!


Disney brought us into a world of living, creative color.



digital photograph layered in colors,
Like a Star, colored in the Sky,



Brief Bio

Walt Disney born 1901 in Chicago, Illinois died age 65 in 1966 in California.  He created the first in color animated film “Snow White” in 1938.


This was laughed at. Disney was mocked.

Snow White was dubbed “Disney’s Folly.”


It went on to become a massive hit.  Disney went on of course, to create many more block buster, color animated films.





Two quotes of Disney’s  that I’d like to share as I  finish this post:


Its kind of fun

to do

the impossible.



All our dreams can come true,


we have the courage

to pursue them.



breath of life, inspired, digital abstract art,
Breath of Life – Inspired





Beautiful Faces of a Flower

Beautiful Faces of a Flower

Its early o’clock on a Saturday morning. No birds chirping yet. No bees busy either. Just me. Its nice and peaceful. Sounds of zen in the background, the water in the aquariums gently gurgled as I sip my delicious coffee.


It reminds me a little of the quote from Elise Blumann, about Stillness from my post  “Beautiful Findings Zen VI


Faces of Flowers

Oh.  So whats this about faces in flowers?


pastel watercolor digital painting, fun funky art,
Pastel Watercolor origins, morphing to digital




Trial Runs

A few weeks back I had a trial run,  a play with this pastel watercolor. Then turned into into digital, just exploring the options.



It made me think of more –  Possibilities.

That is such a Beautiful word. “Possibilities”

Don’t you just love it!?


Version 2
facing the setting sun – plum blossoms, (c) 



Using my Imagination


I wondered how I might alter Faces. Of flowers and other shapes and subjects….

How I and others might see them.


I began to imagine.


cornflower in blues, digital art,
Face of a Cornflower,



The act of creation


And then began to create.

First I imagine;  with the possibilities flickering in, to light up the path.


You’ve already seen the first initial blue/green  Chrysanthemum  in Softly Antiqued Mums   and these below,  are the follow ons from that first one.


digital art photo flower print purples,
Cream Chrysanthemum, facing West,



indian red floral antiqued digital print,
Indian Red Chrysanthemum,



digital art photo floral print in red, orange, antiqued,
Last Light, shines upon the flower face




Same Flower – Different Faces


What I love is the last 3 images are the same photo…. and yet each now wears a different face.

We can interpret something distinct from each.



Also,  not ‘classically beautiful’  like the traditional big bouquet of pretty roses, yet these seem timeless.

Charming.     So,   Full of Wabi Sabi. Zen.




Beautiful.  These Faces of a Flower.