Monday’s Walk in Colour and Light

Light glances off a group of gum trees and creates such a peace filled harmony, I want to sit and stay all morning observing the changing light and colours.  What heaven,  to just sit and view nature’s art gallery for a an hour or two! This is my favorite local bushland, this group of treesContinue reading “Monday’s Walk in Colour and Light”

Resolve, Renew, Reinvent Your Paintings

Resolve. Renew. Reinvent!  Don’t panic too soon. Don’t throw your paintings away! They  can be resolved 99.99% of the time, one way or another.  Often, we just don’t know  The Way or “How To” … Yet!   Paintings To Resolve, Renew or Reinvent Sit down, list the correction options you do know about and seeContinue reading “Resolve, Renew, Reinvent Your Paintings”

Painting Watercolour In The Wilds 6 Tips

Do you want to take your watercolours and go paint out in the wilds of nature, but have held back? Had a few concerns?  I used to as well, but now,  I love painting outdoors!   6 Tips To Easier, More Comfortable Plein Air Painting These 6 tips really helped me to enjoy painting outdoorsContinue reading “Painting Watercolour In The Wilds 6 Tips”

6 Reasons I Like Monochromes

The Power of the Monochromatic palette is amazing.  What impact can be had with one colour!   Photographs, Oils, Acrylics, Inks, Watercolours – monochromes are relevant, contemporary and beautiful. The freedom exploring the full range of tonal nuances is too often ignored with our  preoccupation with colour.   Monochrome: mono  (one)    chrome  (colour) AContinue reading “6 Reasons I Like Monochromes”

Art in the Horse Realm: Drinkers of The Wind

Black Caviar, My favourite horse of all time!  She is, a Drinker of the Wind.  I love all horses but tend to be more partial to the Arabian breed. Thoroughbreds’ noble  history and origins started with 3 Arabian stallions in the late 1700’s.  The Darley Arabian, the Godolphin Arabian and The Byerley Turk. Arabians haveContinue reading “Art in the Horse Realm: Drinkers of The Wind”

Naples Yellow, Buff, Burnt Sienna: Autumn’s Warm Colours

The shadows were lovely, the tree was a delicious mango lemon blend. A distant hill peeked out from foliage, with a smoky blue haze reminding me of NSW. And of course, the drivers were looking at me as if there was something wrong. With me! Why would I be taking photos of the road?! Hmmm,Continue reading “Naples Yellow, Buff, Burnt Sienna: Autumn’s Warm Colours”

Beginners Watercolours: 10 Tips to Get You Started

Watercolour Beginners need good,  solid logical step by step, help and tips in getting started.  What can I suggest?   First of all,  a logical sequential ordered Learning plan is called for. Haphard reading of art books presents a problem of chaos for the watercolour beginner. In chaos most of us do not learn as easily.  AndContinue reading “Beginners Watercolours: 10 Tips to Get You Started”

Watercolour’s Soft Impressionism

Watercolours are my ‘go to’ medium when going out and about to paint.  Light, easy, transportable!  Fantastic for loose impressionistic smaller images that capture  mood and soft atmosphere. I have found when I’m traipsing outdoors to paint, I prefer to use watercolours. They are so small and if need be,  I can get away withContinue reading “Watercolour’s Soft Impressionism”