Speckles, freckles and splatters.  Quail eggs, tin foil and a watercolour painting backdrop. Frenetic? maybe. But, I kinda’ liked it!

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Quail Eggs and Foil


Quail Egg Art Props

I’ve been wanting to get some quail eggs as art props for quite awhile, but kept putting it off. I hadn’t been able do the ‘cost justification’ on this one. Over here for just a few teeny quail eggs, is $8 or so.

Well, as you see I finally bought them.

A couple dozen photos are in my visual library at the ready, and I won’t need to make more quail egg purchases.

After thoroughly cleaning every tiny egg out, spick and span, I now have their sparkling, tidy shells stored for use later.

I’m doing ok on my ‘cost justification’  issue I’m happy to say.




Reflections and Textures

This second photograph is much Smoother,  softer and more subtle.  The background is more blurred and the tin foil a wee bit smoother as well.

Look at the reflections and notice how blurred and soft the edges are.

The delicate blushing tones of the background make the quail egg speckles appear to have even more contrast.


reflections and patterns, photo, debiriley.com
Reflecting Shells


Texture, patterns reflected into the slightly crumpled tin foil give it a less perfect mirror image than if it was perfectly flat.



Design With A Twist

By choosing to use these props in this manner makes the images Different. I’d be surprised if I saw another quail egg photo with this same set up!

This design has an interesting ‘twist’ with some added abstraction thrown in for good measure.


textures, reflections, egg, leaves, debiriley.com
Egg, Foil, Leaves


The backdrop is still the splatter painting but now is Super soft focus;  I added old dried leaves to increase the textural effects and retained the crumpled foil base.

Interesting designs.

I loved playing with these elements.  Moving them around, deleting and adding at random. Just to see “what if….”


In each of these photographs I had a main objective.

I needed to create depth in a small ‘short’ space and create a Background, Middleground and Foreground.  With a Focal Point.

Nearly nailed all of them!!



DIY  Egg Freckles

For those in North America with access to white chicken eggs,  you could probably create your own quail egg “look alikes.”  Boil the eggs. Dip in tea for a pale stain. Let Dry.

For the Splatter – use toothbrush with instant coffee granules.  Or….  splatter a soy/Worcestershire dark  thick mix.   Use edible ingredients so you can eat the egg after you take your photos!


Art Materials used for the watercolor backdrop:

Arches Hot Press paper, Indigo, Quinacridone Sienna, Buff Titanium, Burnt Sienna, Permanent Orange splattered.


A fabulous Information packed post on  watercolor materials is Watercolour Guide Materials.   Very Useful especially for beginners.