A Walk With Water and Color

Color Walk in Esperance, WA; debiriley.com

Its 3 AM and I’m going for a walk. Join me?!

Pitch black. A furnace of midnight heat blasts. Further sleep evades, I rise. Too early for a real walk, too dark to paint. But, I can ‘walk’ in my library. With cooling colors and refreshing water.  Lets go!

Walk of water and Color in Esperance, WA; debiriley.com
Esperance Walk of Water and Color

Water and Color


First Stop on the Walk

First Stop… the cobalt teal waters of Esperance, Western Australia  with sand of a stunning white and buff that is sheer delight to walk on.  (Definitely a bucket list place to go.)

The cobalt teal blue is a lovely and cooling color; I don’t even have to actually be in the water, just looking at the color is enough to cause a sensation of cool. Lovely!

The waters of Esperance are mild and enjoyable to dip in and have a refreshing swim.

cobalt teal, lavender water reflections, debiriley.com
Cobalt Teal and Lavender Waters



Second Stop – Walk of Color and Water

Next stop on my walk is the Pacific North West.  Hood Canal. This is just east of Seattle by about 50 miles roughly.

colors of the sea floor, Hood Canal, Pacific Northwest debiriley.com
Colors of the Sea Bed, Hood Canal

The sand, pebbles, and seagrass in their neutral greys and beiges and umbers are seen with absolute perfect clarity in these pristine but bracing waters.  The depth of the water here was about 4-5 feet. Pretty clear.

Not what I would now call ‘swimmable’ but… in my  early youth I was an avid arctic ice breaker. Enjoying the icy feel was invigorating. Perhaps ‘numbing.’

At one point I was keen  (desperate) enough to water ski, non stop, around an 18 mile island without nosediving into the polar temperatures. Good for me!

It was quite early summer and before the Puget Sound waters really warmed up.  That whole  extra 2 degrees.

Frigid waters, ah come on, that just added incentive.      I was a bit older at that stage.




Third Stop on the Walk

Next stop, I’m at my very good friend’s house.

color and raindrops on flower, debiriley.com
Raindrops and Color

Up north.  Australia.  Murrurrundi, New South Wales.  This is near Tamworth and the Great Dividing Range.  Hanging Rock, Nundle are old gold digging sites nearby.  So too is Ruby Hill a place where you can fossick for garnets, right off the road. Great fun. Til you meet hot red belly black snakes at breeding season.  (Wear jeans and boots.)


And when the mist and fog sets in,  the forest trees in the high country looks like a scene right out of “A Man From Snowy River.”    Stunning!


Back at my friend’s house, a rain shower had passed over and left a multitude of thirst quenching droplets for the garden.

The rich burgundy color of the top petal is echoed in the background with the deep green complementing wonderfully.  A lovely, cool and refreshing vision.

Yes,  this is the same friend from Waiting on a Friend.




Last Stop

And finally,  back home. The rose covered in raindrops in my garden.

Well,  it was my neighbor’s garden, you’re right. You remembered!  If you forgot, or missed that post,  check it out.

morning color, raindrops on rose, debiriley.com
Color in the Morning



My morning walk with water and color is finished, I had fun.  I think I feel cooler and refreshed. I’m pretty sure I do.  How about you?


Thanks for keeping me company, so early on a Water Color Wednesday!




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43 thoughts on “A Walk With Water and Color

  1. Radość i szczęście, zdrowie i pomyślność, to najserdeczniejsze życzenia, jakie można złożyć. Takie też właśnie przesyłam. A do tego, wiele, wiele ciepła każdego dnia, rodzinnej rodzinnej atmosfery na co dzień i ciągłej obecności bliskich. To dzięki nim czujemy się dobrze i bezpiecznie, niech więc Cię to nigdy nie opuszcza. 🙂

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      1. I translate 🙂
        The joy and happiness, health and prosperity, it is my best wishes that can be folded. Such also was sending. Plus, many, many heat each day, a family family atmosphere every day and the constant presence of relatives. It is thanks to them we feel comfortable and secure, so you let it never leaves. 🙂

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      1. its not ideal 😦 but it happens so often, I’m rather getting ‘used’ to it now. I’d wake my guy if I read/audio whilst he was trying to sleep.

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      2. Earplugs! :)) Sorry to hear it Debi. Have you ever tried Rescue Sleep? It’s one of the Bach flower remedies. Homeopathic, no side effects and non-habit forming. I find the Bach remedies work wonders. I see them as God’s medicine chest.


    1. LOL – At the moment Perth was a bit of the opposite of heaven, for me I’m afraid! it gets “rather warm” here for those who come from the wetlands of Seattle 🙂 The furnace blasting at 3am, that was Perth HEAT keeping me awake.
      however, the beaches especially Esperance, wow!!

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  2. Walking is a great way to change the internal view…..loved this! I’m curious about which 18-mile island, as I water skied out front if Vashon Island through my youth…falling was freezing….but we were extremely motivated to stay up!😉

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    1. This is lovely, Glad you liked it! Wasn’t sure if people would just click like, or really read this 🙂
      Indeed, there’s nothing like frigid water as a great motivator. Harstine Island is about 18 miles circumference… give or take a bit. I was only 30, and it still wore me out 🙂

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  3. I really enjoyed this walk with you, Debi, wonderful colors of the sea and beautiful macro flowers, just the right thing for a stormy rainy grey day here, Merry X’mas to you, kind regards Mitza

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      1. It’s rather warm still in Hamburg, around 12 degrees C, which means no snow, so that this X’mas feeling doesn’t come here, which I’m glad of. I must admit that I hate X’mas, sorry

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      2. I’m not surprised I think many are feeling similar. With all the global things, personal health issues, extra loads at work, more pressure to just BUY….. not BE – well, I can see that many aren’t quite in the holiday zone. it is one day. then poof. its gone. take care Mitza, cheers, Debi

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      3. prawns and shrimps are my favorite food but very expensive here and mostly cultured which is not healthy. But you know what I found a book today on the waste paper container called “Australian Kitchen”. It’s really interesting to look at, fantastic first class recipes. Didn’t know you had such a great food culture.
        On New Years Eve we always eat selfmade potatoe salad with German sausages and afterwards some jelly filled donuts. We don’t really like sweet potatoes so much, don’t know why.

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      4. I’m addicted to cherries, could eat 25 kg per day, my favorite fruit with peaches. But here they cost nearly 8 Euro per kg, but now you don’t get them, only in summer.

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    1. ah, the rose… it was a delight that day! some days, they do not appeal to me at all – but this one, most surely called! your thoughtful and encouraging, comments are appreciated Jacint. Thank You.

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