Watercolour’s Magical Ingredient

Magic of Watercolour? A secret ingredient?  Look closer.     We love, watercolours. Happy colors. Objects we can define. And yet, watercolours…. so often, seem to escape our mastery. The More, we ‘try,’  the more muddled they become.     Watercolour Mastery I’d love to introduce you to Blamire Young. He is the true magicianContinue reading “Watercolour’s Magical Ingredient”

Keep The Light

I love all things inspiring, heartening. Encouraging. And so, when your night falls dark and cold, remember ….   “Deep in their roots, all flowers Keep the Light.”   Theodore Roethke             Inspiration   Artists give gifts. We seek to encourage and inspire.       Roethke’s  beautiful words woke meContinue reading “Keep The Light”