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Gardens in Color!

Gardens in Color!

Gorgeous rich ruby red stalks splaying out in verticals and diagonals.

The reds, a perfect foil to the citrine green foliage.

Delightful Colors found in the garden.


delicious garden colors, ruby red, citrine yellow green palette, colors in the garden, debiriley.com
Garden Colors, ruby and citrine green



This photograph, is one of the few, I would use as a direct source to paint from.

It would (and will)  make a lovely illustration,  for my Society 6  and Redbubble shops.


Generally, I’m not so keen to use one photo as a painting source.

But,  there’s always exceptions.


This I think would be brilliant on pure white hot pressed paper with no background whatsoever.

Or,  it might make a very strong design as a linoprint. 



Zen Strolls

Strolling about,  does, have plenty of rewards.

Had I been ‘power walking’ I’d have missed out on this beauty.




The composition is especially interesting, with the verticals and diagonals.

The textural patterns within the leaf foliage, create added interest.

Leaves and stalks going gently out of the picture frame assist the design.

Making it seem less ‘crammed in.’

More open, more …. real.





A Walk, for Blue

A Walk, for Blue

Just a super quick post.

About a short walk, around the block and back.

A relaxed, amble, if you will.

Looking for things “Blue.”


blue flower photograph, zen stroll, relaxing nature walks, debiriley.com
Photo in blue – Wabi Sabi flowers

Blue Flowers


I did find lots of lovelies in wonderful shades and tones of blue.


Cerulean, Ultramarine, Prussian, Indigo, Indanthrone, Cobalt,  and tons of in between blends.

Its amazing just how many things are out there in Blue;  when you hunt for them.



The hunt didn’t take long.

Ten minutes to circle the block; at a slow pace.

Slow…. to make sure I didn’t miss out on anything!




Camera Information:

Canon Rebel 600D      Lens Canon Macro EF 100mm 1:2.8 L

ISO 100      shutter speed 1/640      Aperture  f4


On a side note… I really love using the apertures open.

The f stops at f5.6 or f4  f3  or less.

This,  creates soft blurred backgrounds.  

Medium soft middlegrounds too.    Only the Focal Point is sharp. 

Just the way I like it.      (For photos and for paintings.)




A Confident Way ….  (art, riding, life)

A Confident Way …. (art, riding, life)

Both painting (art) and horse riding require specific skill development.

And both will require confidence.

This takes time.  Patience. Persistence….

To build the confidence and develop the boldness; that freedom to  just go do it! 


horse riding photography, forest and trees, canon 600d, debiriley.com




A Confident Way


As I watched the new horse in the arena with my granddaughter up, I thought more about how confidence needs to be built up.


horse riding, learning to ride, building confidence, debiriley.com
A bit shy….. 


Both the rider and the new horse are uncertain.  A little bit shy, perhaps of each other.

The horse not knowing if this rider is one to fully trust, or not.

Unsure of new surroundings.

The horse by its nature, needs a strong sure leader, in order to feel secure. Safe.

Will this rider, be strong,  or timid?


nature photography, forest and tree photo, canon 600d, debiriley.com
New Surroundings look scary …. to a horse




The rider, still in the learning process.

Trying to put everything together seamlessly…… but not quite there yet.

Both, willing to take a risk on the other.





Fences in the paddock….

represent our innate need for both Space and Freedom to do our own thing; yet, within a known safe Boundary.

At first. When we are first beginning to learn.  That comfort zone is where we can relax a little bit.

canon 600d camera, 100mm macro lens, outdoor nature shots, debiriley.com
Paddock Fence




Risking It… That is really another  Major key.

Willingness To Take the Risk.


There is a long way to go on whatever road we choose.

Whatever hobby, or sport, etc.  we are enthused to enough to pursue.


Its ok  to falter, stumble

and … to fall.


We all will.


We’re not perfect.

We’re not going to be.  We will, however, improve.

With persistence and soft gentle patience.


horse riding, when you fall just get back on, horse riding life lessons, debiriley.com
When you fall…



Just get up.

Get back on.


Your horse,  needs you.




horse riding, photograph riding, debiriley.com
Horse and Rider





Building Confidence

Is about patience and kindness.

Both to the other, and your own self.

Its about perseverance in spite of the many falls we will have.


Its about being excited.

Its about the enthralment of doing what you Love.

Taking risks.  And calmly dusting yourself off and learning from the falls, not sulking or quitting.







Skills Can Be Learned

I could so easily see the similarities to art – as they rode off lead around the paddock.

Neither the bold swift certainty of brushstroke nor the confident, intuitive handling of the reins will happen overnight.



But,  art is a skill.

Just like riding is.


And skills can be learned.


Repeated.  And Mastered.



We become Confident, when we know what to do.

When the techniques and skills have become second nature to us.

Tumbles, stumbles and falls are just part of the process.





I enjoyed my Wednesday.

Art takes many forms.

Even though I didn’t  “do art”  ie paint, I felt immensely creative!


Out there.

In the paddocks. Watching the riders and the horses.



We can see that these two enjoyed their time as well.


duet horse and rider, riding photos, debiriley.com
Duet-  horse and rider






The Quiet Joy In Nature

The Quiet Joy In Nature

In the forest.

There is more than meets the eye.

A bit of a zen stroll, a family excursion.

What, could be better? Care to join me?

creating a mood, conveying the atmosphere and feeling of the subject, forest photography, debiriley.com
Forest Peaceful Happiness


Forest  Light and Color

A lovely feeling is captured here….  In the forest.

Early Spring, still tipped with edges of coolness.

So Refreshing.


This photograph with all these lush layers, is one of the few snapshots I’m even tempted,  to actually paint from. That is a rare thing.


The enticing weave of branches.

All these overlapping layers of color.

The muted Spring light filtering through the trees and branches.

Creates a fabulously interwoven forest of enchantment.

Of Peaceful Happiness.   



Spring Magnolias

Early Spring sunshine lights these magnolias wonderfully.

Its a tucked away place just outside of Perth, Western Australia.

The inviting and peaceful Arulean gardens.

Our family was fortunate enough to go on a day the weather wasn’t too hot.

It was just right!




convey feelings in photography, nature, tulips, spring gardens, debiriley.com
A Quiet beauty……


Quietly in Nature

Still in the gardens.


Right at the edge of the forest, with the Spring light just barely touching the tulips’ tips.



It is a beautiful day.


A day filled with peace…. and a wonderful sense of quiet happiness.  




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The Leaf

The Leaf

I adore the textures etched into this weathered dying leaf.

Lines upon lines, filled with a treasure of textures.

I nearly passed it by.

But something made me stop and turn back.

Fortune Smiled.


monochrome madness, macro photography, leaf textures, sepia photography, Wabi Sabi art photography, debiriley.com
The Leaf …… glorious textures



The Leaf


in monochrome.

Warmed with a soft sienna tone.

Hinting at the life lived;

Now fading slowly

Back to earth.



“The Leaf”  is a beautiful example I think,  of Wabi Sabi.




For the curious, I used my old Canon 600d with a Canon 100mm macro lens 2.8L

The shutter speed was at 1/200  the fstop at f5.6 and the ISO at 100

Fortune Smiled.