Time for a Zen Stroll

zen stroll sketch


Time to refill the wells from Nature. Time for a Zen Stroll.

Is it just me, or does anyone else feeling a little bit hmm… bemused… lately?


Take a Walk

It seems we are being bombarded with all sorts of news these days.   With the mind overloaded with the news, I decided I needed to completely turn off news feeds, shut down all the devices, phones, tv. To stop and Pause. 

I needed a short 10 minute stroll to the local park.

It doesn’t need to take long, a short jaunt will do. Out in the open, or in the woods, its amazingly calming. I find the things of the earth reassuring. 

Its a perfect time, for a Zen Stroll. To slowly walk, breathing in, the forest scents. To reconnect for a few  moments with nature and become grounded again.

zen stroll sketch
calm zen forest sketch

Dawdle, Doodle,  Draw

I did take my sketch pad and charcoal. As you see, I managed one lone sketch. It was quick, not meant to “be” anything. 

Capturing the feeling of calm was what I was really after.

To be able to Feel... peace and serenity. 

I think I was able to convey this.

I know when I look at it, I relax. And breathe.


The sketch, has some color accents added judiciously.

I’ve used pastels to do this. Primarily green, to focus on the cool calmness. 


Zen Stroll refill the wells 

I have left it as a very rough draft. I like it like that, spontaneous.

Its a snippet of time caught,  as I perceived it to be in that moment.

Zen Strolls for me, are a perfect way to get back to my creative artistic self when outside circumstances are not as calm nor serene as one would hope for. 



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5 thoughts on “Time for a Zen Stroll

  1. Hi Debi, as you rightly said, news can sometimes become overwhelming. I resort to quick Sketch to gather some calm. And as in your case, it need not be something elaborate, but just a capture of a moment in time. That’s usually enough to bring in a sense of peace when it’s most needed.


    1. that is lovely to hear that you do this! I feel certain that the more of us that do, will help to bring a measure of calm to the community. … and, of course, to our own selves. most of my sketches aren’t pretty, but, I decided I don’t care! I want to go out and play, so I am going to. lol cheers, Debi


  2. Wonderful Debi. We have been doing the same, enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds us, which is a balm to the soul. I hope you are well during these challenging times. Stay safe. With warmest good wishes as always 🙂


    1. thank you Andrew. I’m glad you’re going into Spring, it will present more fresh outdoor opportunities… with Camelias and tulips sure to bring smiles to us 🙂

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