Peacefully with Art

  Art can create Calm I changed my post at the last minute. I thought a friend would appreciate the peacefulness of the watercolor paintings instead.   Sometimes, its not, all about what I want! I will post the other post later, as I am rather excited with the images. Just, not today.    Continue reading “Peacefully with Art”

Edward Seago: Inspirational Master Artist

Edward Seago,  what can I say? Definitely he has been under appreciated.  We all know Monet, Picasso, Renoir. Seago? Not so much. But let’s  remedy that now!     Edward Seago Inspires Both the oils and watercolors go beyond the ordinary. Beyond good. His brush takes you on a journey.   Edward was born 1910Continue reading “Edward Seago: Inspirational Master Artist”

3 Fun Textures in Acrylics

Texture and Color are always fun. Relaxing and exciting, at the same time. Gorgeous aquamarines with copper and gold and a deep prussian blue in the first image were beautiful to work with.  The Naples Yellow, Cobalt Teal Blue and the soft neutral greys  in the next two were ….. Super fun! 3 fun acrylicsContinue reading “3 Fun Textures in Acrylics”

Watercolor …. daydreams II

It gets challenging around this time of year. Finding exciting new “titles”  and whipping up spiffy new art designs. When, we are all, juggling 3 too many tasks as it is! So. I guess,  we’re stuck with this title. But,  I promise, to do better. Next Time!!       Watercolor DayDreams Watercolor paintings inspiredContinue reading “Watercolor …. daydreams II”


Featured today… simply,  because I like it.     Watercolor Landscape   Favorite This remains, one of my favorite paintings.   Small. Unframed. It goes unnoticed for months on end. Stacked in a pile, amongst the many.   Every time I get it out again, it is like a new painting. Its’ loveliness …. fresh,Continue reading “Loveliness”

Ink in October

Old work, remodeled. Some of you, might be smiling about now. At any rate, I always enjoy the challenge of transforming previous, older art images into something different and new. Something with a refreshing look to it, that catches the eye. It IS Possible.       Watercolor and Ink Ink in October   started thisContinue reading “Ink in October”

Watercolors… inspired by peace

This is a 22 x30 inch full sheet of Fabriano soft press paper I had stashed. Its a minimalist abstract watercolor that I have just done quickly. This morning.     Watercolor Abstract inspirations   No labored multitude of brushstrokes. Quiet. With a very large amount of white space.       My thoughts wereContinue reading “Watercolors… inspired by peace”