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Edward Seago: Inspirational Master Artist

Edward Seago: Inspirational Master Artist

Edward Seago,  what can I say?

Definitely he has been under appreciated.  We all know Monet, Picasso, Renoir.

Seago? Not so much.

But let’s  remedy that now!


Edward Seago by Ron Ranson book, great art books, masters of oil painting, painting ships and seas the impressionist technique, debiriley.com
Edward Seago, by Ron Ranson art book   painting of ships and seas


Edward Seago Inspires

Both the oils and watercolors go beyond the ordinary.

Beyond good.

His brush takes you on a journey.


Edward was born 1910 in the UK.

I fell in love with his story, with his sensitivity in handling the paints, papers, canvas and brush.

Seago had an easy mastery of both oils and watercolors I admire.

Perhaps, envy…..




You will see a few of my favorite books on the studio table.

Margaret Coen, Realist Abstracts, Raw Colour with Pastels

and the Edward Seago book.


I have owned for a decade + this  lovely book featuring gorgeous watercolors and oils by the creative master Seago.


The book is available at Amazon.com  Edward Seago by Ron Ranson 

I hope you’re inspired to seek out his work.


painting winter and snow techniques, learn from the masters, Edward Seago paintings, be inspired by a master artist, debiriley.com
Seago, winter in oils… feeling the cold


Learn from The Masters

The Masters.

They are the ones who we truly need to emulate. To study from.  To look at Their Techniques.

They make the fewest mistakes.

And they,  tend not to pass off paintings with critical basic design flaws, as ‘ok work.’


And Seago was a master of both oils and watercolors, easily flipping from one to the other.







Close viewing shows us the vigor of his brush movements.  The strokes are forever etched upon the canvas. Showing us his mood, his speed in painting, telling us a little bit about the man.


By looking at Seago’s paintings you can see how he used his hard and soft edges so brilliantly to create the depth and distance.

The subtle use of color, its nearly monochromatic, creates a far more powerful impact here than if it was littered with colors and hundreds of details.


He saw all the detail that really was there…..

He chose,  to eliminate.

He made the decision to disregard all the bits and pieces.

He wanted, he needed the message to come through look and clear.


Not the clutter.   Wow.








3 Fun Textures in Acrylics

3 Fun Textures in Acrylics

Texture and Color are always fun.

Relaxing and exciting, at the same time.

Gorgeous aquamarines with copper and gold and a deep prussian blue in the first image were beautiful to work with.  The Naples Yellow, Cobalt Teal Blue and the soft neutral greys  in the next two were ….. Super fun!

3 fun acrylics

blue shimmering pools in acrylics, abstract textures in paints, fun textures, debiriley.com
blue shimmering pools



crackle with cobalt teal blue acrylic, fun and easy abstract texture effects, debiriley.com
crackle and cobalt teal



naples yellow and cobalt teal blue crackle and torn, abstract landscape grey background, debiriley.com
boulders…torn edges naples yellow + cobalt teal



Textures #6 color filled textures 

Add Excitement with Texture 

Acrylic Ocean Blue 

Naples Yellow

Torn Paper – Tearing It Up  

Fun and Creative Techniques 





Watercolor …. daydreams II

Watercolor …. daydreams II

It gets challenging around this time of year.

Finding exciting new “titles”  and whipping up spiffy new art designs.

When, we are all, juggling 3 too many tasks as it is!

So. I guess,  we’re stuck with this title.

But,  I promise, to do better.

Next Time!!




Watercolor DayDreams

Watercolor paintings inspired by,  what else …. my yesterday’s post,  daydreams. 


Two to choose from.




watercolor landscapes loose and easy, art lessons Atwell gallery, debiriley.com
Landscape Loose and Easy in Watercolors

Watercolor Techniques

Simple washes.

A bit of charging.  A flick of splatter on damp then dry paper.

Leaving lots and lots of calming white.

Seems to have worked out alright.




watercolor pink patio flowers, painting loose its easy, debiriley.com
watercolors bright, loose, easy



An older work, put in the “Later Box” …. where all those ‘yukky things go.

Remember, the post now?  Thought you might!


I made some repairs.

Its easier on the eyes now.



The Patio Pinks in Blue Pot

You might think,  this was right there in front of me at the time.

But No.

It was simply, a remembered scene.


A place I’d lived long ago that brought back lovely memories.

In my day dreams……









Featured today… simply,  because I like it.


impressionist watercolor, bold and colorful landscapes, mixing blues, debiriley.com
Watercolor Loveliness


Watercolor Landscape



This remains, one of my favorite paintings.




It goes unnoticed for months on end.

Stacked in a pile, amongst the many.


Every time I get it out again, it is like a new painting. Its’ loveliness …. fresh, sparkling, happy.

And it makes me smile.






Ink in October

Ink in October

Old work, remodeled.

Some of you, might be smiling about now.

At any rate, I always enjoy the challenge of transforming previous, older art images into something different and new.

Something with a refreshing look to it, that catches the eye.

It IS Possible.


cobalt teal blue water, watercolor landscape with ink, debiriley.com
Cobalt Teal Blue and Ink



Watercolor and Ink

Ink in October   started this week’s series.

Now I want to do something with an older piece.



Changing it up.

By cropping a significant portion off the top, which previously was very distracting, the eye now drops down into the image.


The right side was altered as well.

At first with paint. Then,  when that was ineffective, another significant crop went into place.

The left side has a very slight amount of cropping.



I used the ink with a pen this time.


The snow patches on the mountains, I chose to change.

Going  from soft and gentle snow areas to Sharp, abrupt and very Abstracted patterns.



Directional Line Movement

Also,  you might take notice that the 3 directional lines are in place in this image.

Lots of diagonals, which create movement, action, energy.

A few horizontal lines to create solidity, stability, calm.

Some verticals are in there too.

But these are much more subtle in their placement. They are there though. Verticals act to provide some sense of energy, action.

The diagonal creates a more intense sense of energy, action than does the vertical.


Balancing the 3 directionals is a good tip for us to try to remember when we draw, paint, create.

It provides a more balanced and interesting design.





Something Different

I wanted the watercolor landscape

to be different. 


To be something you don’t see all the time.

Everywhere.    And then forget in 2 seconds.




For artists,  remembering that you can  recreate things is liberating.

You can turn shapes (ie snow on mountain)  into Abstract patterns and shapes.

This is one of the easiest ways to start learning how to paint and create abstracts too!






Even … the trees,  have something to say

Even … the trees, have something to say

I’ve just read an article. The subject was unsettling. It wasn’t a “garden full of bright pretty flowers.”  I didn’t want to keep looking, to keep reading.

Yet I did.

When even the trees  are saying something….. it is time,  to take a deep breath

and Listen.


From Spirit Park to Spirit Dark thechangingpalette.com 

mixed media trees, protest for peace, forest glade canada, andrew seal, debiriley.com
Spirit Park to Spirit Dark thechangingpalette.com 


“Talking Trees”


Andrew Seal the artist, created an amazing art work.

Eight full sheets united to make one unforgettable haunting landscape.

He describes its genesis.

From the lovely zen stroll in the forest… through the transformations it took to completion.

I couldn’t look away, couldn’t stop reading.


I’m  highly,  recommending you read his post:  Spirit Park to Spirit Dark thechangingpalette.com 






My own thoughts afterwards….



Out in the forest, where there would be peace.

There’s much to learn.


So much to see. So much to find.

So much to say.

In the forest.

Even the trees have something to say.


We.    The.  People.

  • With our voices

  • With our art and,

  • In peacefulness


Can say something too.


Its been…. Enough,  to move even the trees.




spirits in the forest protest, andrew seal thechangingpalette.com, protest violence with art, forest in canada, mixed media, debiriley.com
Spirit Park to Spirit Dark thechangingpalette.com 



Spirit Dark……  magnificent and haunting,   8 Sheet mixed media landscape.

From the lovely zen stroll in the forest… through the transformations it took to completion.


It makes you think. It makes you feel.

That, is art.


Andrew’s post is compelling,  informative and is one you won’t simply “forget.”





Making a Difference

If we want peace and unity and cooperation and harmony,


have to say so.





Makes a difference.


Those tiny wee whispers,  the small quiet voice,  and  the mouse who roared.

Every one of them,

makes a Difference.


Use your voice, even if you whisper.




autumn reed reflections photo debiriley.com
Whispers on the Wind, are heard