Finding a leaf for artists is nearly like finding gold.

Simple things.  

Every day items that normally are unnoticed and trodden underfoot,  can become ‘art objects.’

gum leaf pen illustration, poem, debi riley art basics
Nature’s Gum Leaf, Illustration pen,  haiku,


Nature’s  Gold


Finding the leaf as I was about to step on it, I picked it up.

The speckles and spots reminded me of my quail eggs.  So I kept it for my break.


I dashed off the quick sketch  while taking a break in between classes, in about 15 minutes.


Art need not take hours,  to “count.”   To be “worthy.”

Quick sketches and color studies  can often express far more in a short space of time.  In those shorter spaces of time one can be more open and in tune with the subject itself.




Materials used:

4B pencil

Brown Micron Pen

Handmade fiber embedded paper




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