Watercolour’s Magical Ingredient

Magic of Watercolour? A secret ingredient?  Look closer.     We love, watercolours. Happy colors. Objects we can define. And yet, watercolours…. so often, seem to escape our mastery. The More, we ‘try,’  the more muddled they become.     Watercolour Mastery I’d love to introduce you to Blamire Young. He is the true magicianContinue reading “Watercolour’s Magical Ingredient”

New Watercolor Brush

I made a purchase I thought I’d most likely regret. But for $12.99 I was willing to take the risk!       Watercolor Brushes I’ve been using and recommending the Rekab 320s #2 squirrel watercolor brush for 20+ years. Many of my Art Basics,  watercolor posts have the brush mentioned, frequently.     NewContinue reading “New Watercolor Brush”

Wildflower Trail

On the trail.  Travelling deep into W.A. wildflower country. Finding so many blossoms of lovely colors, its just hard to choose one!     Digital Dots   Lilacs and Purples all speckled and dotted!   I chose to create a digital painting emphasising dots.     This of course, ties in to some cultural aspects hereContinue reading “Wildflower Trail”

Black and White Patterns

Lines of abstraction and Lines of uniqueness. The zebra is stamped with individuality. No two patterns are ever, replicated.  I Love that….. Nature is so clever!     Perth Zoo Discoveries made, with 2 excited explorer helpers, provided us all with lots of photos and a treasury of fun memories. Giraffe, brolga, tiger, hyena, wild dog,Continue reading “Black and White Patterns”

Silly Saturday: Yellow and Greens

A Silly take on last Saturday’s whirlwind trip. I’ve created an Abstract acrylic painting on canvas using the palette knife in fun swirls of yellow, greens, blues.  A bit of silliness, never hurts!   My interpretation and explanation for  ‘Silly’ today, is simply that the yellow represents the lovely yellow shirt our granddaughter wore whenContinue reading “Silly Saturday: Yellow and Greens”

Forest… The Inspiration

The Valley of The Giants, a place of imagination and inspiration.  Have a wander with me and have a look at some of these glorious Red Tingle trees.   This not quite hidden grove of towering old tingle trees is also known as The Ancient Empire.  What a fascinating and mysterious name for these magnificentContinue reading “Forest… The Inspiration”

The Art of Inspiration

The art of inspiration,  is being aware. So often I run about doing the daily tasks – oblivious to what is around me.  Whether its birds softly calling, or curtains dancing in the breeze… or even some fabulous graffiti. I can just miss out. While strolling in the welcome coolness of early morning – I was aware.Continue reading “The Art of Inspiration”