Through the trees, we peer.

Piqued, intrigued.

Its just enough.

With its shadowed edges and leading lines ….

‘Sparking the Imagination’



zen strolls, nature walks, zen photography,
Through The Trees  ………….    “Sparking the Imagination”



Sparking the Imagination


What began this little mini Series was  “Soft Trees across the waters,”


beginner watercolor landscape techniques, painting simple trees and water in watercolours, daniel smith indigo,
Watercolor Soft Trees across the waters


then progressed on to,  “Across the Waters II.”


beach clam diggers painting, watercolor beach, impressionist landscapes,


modern minimalism art, impressionist watercolor landscape, semi abstracts,




It now finishes with the photo,  “Through The Trees,” Part III





We all have creativity.  In some, form.

(And there are of course, many many, more forms of creativity than just painting.)


The trouble or dilemma we often face is usually  “Permitting” our innate creativity to emerge.

Permission is needed, or it stays locked up tight.



This is something I’ve mentioned to art students quite some time ago and it is well worth repeating:

We all have creativity.

We  need to allow ourselves, the freedom,  to make use of it as often as it flickers by.

And,  we need sources of Inspiration.





Featured Image Inspires

Sources of inspiration can be many things.

A memory. Fragrance of a flower bouquet. Nature walks. A sea shell. A quote or a poem.

A historical person. Photos of much loved placed so long ago…..

There really is no set boundary, for sources that inspire you and your creativity.


This Featured photograph is a good example, I believe,  of the type of reference source that feeds and  inspires creativity.  



Why? How so?


It is nearly monochromatic.

Thus,  we must fill in the blanks that are there.

Our minds need to engage in this image more.

More so than if the image was already spelled out in dozens of lush, seductive colors.



Its doors, windows, gates are all open.

With all its soft edges and fewer Hard sharp super defined edges, it is less ‘dictator-like.’

Not as tyrannical as a super sharp, ultra defined reference photo would be – consciously, or not.

Our creativity isn’t being stifled,  dictated to and nothing is imposing its will saying we must stay within the lines.


It is open ended, with its high ratio of soft blurred edges.

These lovely, gentle blurred soft edges, fill us with the need, the wish, the desire to dream, to reflect, to pause.

To imagine –

within this image, this place,  as if,  it was real.



Its invitational.

It welcomes us in to have a wander through.

It creates the mood, the atmosphere of reflection.

Of wanting to Pause and  Wonder.




Inspired Creativity

When we engage,  when we imagine,  when we wonder….

we begin to become inspired.



And with that inspiration;



leaps and bounds out,  to play.


water reflections, acrylic painting,
water reflections