7 Days of Zen

7 days of Zen, seijaku, debiriley.com

Day One of Zen…. How shall I describe the stillness? The sense of utter serenity inviting me into the depths amidst the day’s chaos.  Yes…Those phones ringing with demanding angry callers. Horns blaring, impatience mounting. But here, within is Seijaku.

7 days of Zen, seijaku, debiriley.com
7 Days of Zen I


7 Part Series of Zen


Zen to me,  is a calmness.

But, a calmness with focus and purpose. It is a creative spirit filled energy.

It is also an awareness of self and surroundings – simultaneously oblivious to those very same things.

How can that be?

I don’t know.  I do think it is a very good ‘zen’ question though.



Wabi Sabi   

Wabi Sabi a way of seeing the beauty of things Impermanent, Imperfect and Unfinished.

Things come and they go.  And in their comings and goings we can seek to find the loveliness of their Arrivals and their Departures.


Wabi Sabi has its links to  Zen and through this pathway.  I find myself today thinking about stillness of self.

Perhaps its due to the one too many demanding phone calls I’ve just had. Maybe not…




Seijaku is one of the 7 elements of Wabi Sabi.

It is defined and described as  “tranquility, serenity.”


But upon deeper reflection,   Seijaku is interpreted  as a

“Stillness in the midst of activity.”


What that means for me, you too perhaps,  is that we do not have to go on a retreat. We don’t have to go into the mountains for clarity or serenity.


I can find the gentle stillness here, in the midst of this chaotic day’s activity.

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Gently Inspired





I really hope you enjoyed Day 1 of  the 7 Days of Zen series.


For the next 6 posts I’m going to complete this series on the Beauty of Zen and Wabi Sabi.

I would like to share the creative aspects of looking at art and nature in this unique way, its  had such an big influence on my art!


A  couple of prior  posts that follow this theme are    The Blue Heron Stills  and Zen Taming the Dragon and Winter’s Glow 




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32 thoughts on “7 Days of Zen

    1. thank you Sharon.
      I’m still……. thinking and smiling – about your post with HOPE and the hands reaching.
      I found that one of the most heart warming images, I’ve seen in a long time. thanks for thinking to do it and to share it with us.

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  1. Well, it seems I did get your nickname correctly after all Debi Zen! 🙂
    Love this, love it , love it, love it!!!
    For some it is certainly very hard to attain stillness in the over charged every day noise, and that is the key: to take your mind of and out from that environment and observe the action in a silence which you locked your mind into. Kinda like your eyes will see but your mind will not hear it. Takes practice to master an “apparently” mindless mind. I imagine this like a clock, the hands are attached to the middle from where they move around endlessly but the center spot from where they are attached is always still and on the same spot but are part of the moving action in time. Is that something which makes sense…my Asian heritage peaking through, lol…
    Love this idea of Zen series and your thoughts on it, it’s perfectly Zen to me and a beautiful thing to share. Great first post Debi Zen!!! Thanks sensei!

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    1. hi Eva, I’m very excited that you liked this! Thank you Miss Eva
      I like your analogy of the clock, it gives me a new visual to think on.
      and you’re spot on about the eyes see, but the mind will not hear!

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  2. wonderful ideas, Debi. I only find stillness when I am creative. Then I forget everything. I’m not hungry or thirsty etc. That’s some kind of zen, too, I guess. Have a nice zeny day, cheers Mitza

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    1. you made me think…. and its how I first was able to tune out also. but, it taught me how I could do it, other times too…well, Eventually! I am slow! lol

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  3. Wonderful Debi. Looking forward to the series. For me “impermanent, imperfect and unfinished” are three of the most meaningful words of all. Best wishes 🙂

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  4. The stillness of creation and Creator. For some reason, throughout your post, I keep coming back to the still, small voice. The other thing I think about while reading is the relaxation routine I used to do in my Yoga Studio app. A 30-minute floor routine that can’t help but leave you in a zen state. You become like jelly; it’s wonderful. Losing track of time, space and self is the best kind of retreat there is, and as you say……you don’t have to go away. That’s the best part. You can go within. You have access to this kind of peace wherever you go. It’s a wonderful gift. IMO it comes straight from Him. Hehe! Thank you for sharing your zen with us. What a wonderful gift YOU are to the art community, Debi Delight! 💜💜💜

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    1. it was a challenging concept for me, I think, but now I really like it. Especially as we seem to just continue to get busier, with less down time. Its nice to ‘take it with me.’ 🙂

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