Day One of Zen…. How shall I describe the stillness? The sense of utter serenity inviting me into the depths amidst the day’s chaos.  Yes…Those phones ringing with demanding angry callers. Horns blaring, impatience mounting. But here, within is Seijaku.

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7 Days of Zen I


7 Part Series of Zen


Zen to me,  is a calmness.

But, a calmness with focus and purpose. It is a creative spirit filled energy.

It is also an awareness of self and surroundings – simultaneously oblivious to those very same things.

How can that be?

I don’t know.  I do think it is a very good ‘zen’ question though.



Wabi Sabi   

Wabi Sabi a way of seeing the beauty of things Impermanent, Imperfect and Unfinished.

Things come and they go.  And in their comings and goings we can seek to find the loveliness of their Arrivals and their Departures.


Wabi Sabi has its links to  Zen and through this pathway.  I find myself today thinking about stillness of self.

Perhaps its due to the one too many demanding phone calls I’ve just had. Maybe not…




Seijaku is one of the 7 elements of Wabi Sabi.

It is defined and described as  “tranquility, serenity.”


But upon deeper reflection,   Seijaku is interpreted  as a

“Stillness in the midst of activity.”


What that means for me, you too perhaps,  is that we do not have to go on a retreat. We don’t have to go into the mountains for clarity or serenity.


I can find the gentle stillness here, in the midst of this chaotic day’s activity.

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Gently Inspired





I really hope you enjoyed Day 1 of  the 7 Days of Zen series.


For the next 6 posts I’m going to complete this series on the Beauty of Zen and Wabi Sabi.

I would like to share the creative aspects of looking at art and nature in this unique way, its  had such an big influence on my art!


A  couple of prior  posts that follow this theme are    The Blue Heron Stills  and Zen Taming the Dragon and Winter’s Glow