The Blue Heron Stills

Blue Heron, stream, photograph,

A walk from…. Before. When the air was cool, the land was green. The fires upon the plains hadn’t slickened the soil black with ash and soot. Before the sun turned to flame.

Blue Heron, stream, photograph,
Blue Heron Stills


The Blue Heron Stills


Side by side

I walk alongside

The meandering stream

Stepping with care on moss covered logs


Glancing upon the eddies


for a moment


The scarlet leaf swirls

and the

Blue heron stills


Mist seeps now through the wood

snuggles up close

like a winter quilt

that leaves me shivering


Turning back

I leave my place of rest

trudge for the cottage lit with fire


I scout

in these wild adventures of mine

bringing back

my memories


The Blue Heron Stills







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      1. hehe, I can understand Spanish and Italian quite well as I learned Latin. Even though I hated this “dead” language in my childhood I know now how important it is. Not for school but for life we learn, as the old Italians said.

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      2. That’s completely true, Debi, and nearly nobody thinks about it. From Greek origin are some of the most important words like democracy and orgasm, hehe

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