The Freedom to express the hidden artist, to let go and speak out with my own voice has been a work in progress. It doesn’t happen overnight. Nor within the timespan of a short art course.

Zen Unbounded, wabi sabi,
Zen Unbounded

I must look at art differently.  Art is like life, and life is like art.

I view art as a discipline, a way of life. An endeavor  for the long haul.

Not a microwaved meal.  Patience, grasshopper.


zen, free, wabi sabi, datsuzoku,
FREE. Datsuzoku – Wabi Sabi


Zen – UnBounded


The Wabi Sabi element “Datsuzoku”  is defined as  ‘Free, Unbounded.’


I interpret it as a Limitlessness … of personal possibilities.

No bars,  the gates are open.

There are no constraints, there are no ‘shoulds.  And, I am not chained to the dictates of what someone else  might think.  

But rather, there is a freedom to develop, an unhindered space to grow and stretch and create and invent as the spirit of creativity directs me.



wabi sabi hat, zen, unbounded voice,
Wabi Sabi Hat

Wabi Sabi Freedom of Expression

This, is one of the foundation reasons I fell in love with the idea of Wabi Sabi.

I could be Free.

Free, to invent and create regardless of what others might say, dictate, think, or feel. That was their business. Mine was simply to follow where the creativity led me.

An unbounded Voice.

I liked that!  It works for me!



Constraints and Limits

To paint or draw from copies or photos, magazines will merely chain me.  It will always serve the function to tighten the bands of the cuffs more firmly.

To express what I have in my heart, releases!  It pours out.

Fear, anxiety, our critical natures and worry of what other’s opinions are – all combine to chain the creative force that wants to be Unbounded.


unbounded, zen, wabi sabi,
Unlimited, unbounded


Letting Go of Traditional Justification

We want justification.  We want Results.


We want evidence to show that our time, efforts and money have been invested wisely.

And they have.


Every time we allow freedom to be released rather than permitting the old tight constraints to remain in place,  we advance further along in our artistic development.

We ‘grow’ and build the strength of our Voice.     We nurture it like a garden.  This does take patience, to grow a garden.



freedom, datsuzoku, wabi sabi, zen,
Freedom! Datsuzoku




Zen Unbounded,  the first painting featured.  With this 1 single fluid brushstroke of crimson tipped in indigo,  I think, conveys the message today the best.

I am Content, with the image, just as it is.

That is all an image needs to do.

Speak unhindered, the Voice of the artist within.



These images illustrate my personal interpretations of the Zen aspect of Wabi Sabi “Datsuzoku”  – the essence of freedom and an unbounded voice.



Stay tuned for part 3 of the 7 Days of Zen series!