Breathing Peace, at the Park

Art, must engage all of our senses. Mine, anyway. Today’s walk was a simple one, around the block, trying to find a spot of serenity. I sat. So much for “exercise.” and breathed in as I listened to the wonderful sounds of water. Its lovely. Its Art. …just, in a different form than we mightContinue reading “Breathing Peace, at the Park”

Why The World Needs Artists, Now.

The World needs each one of us, to be an artist. To think, like an artist.  Now. Ok I admit it. As an artist, I am biased. However, no-one can deny times are exceptionally unique. Many of us haven’t seen any major world changing events in our lifetimes.  The coping strategies for This, may justContinue reading “Why The World Needs Artists, Now.”

7 Days of Zen

Day One of Zen…. How shall I describe the stillness? The sense of utter serenity inviting me into the depths amidst the day’s chaos.  Yes…Those phones ringing with demanding angry callers. Horns blaring, impatience mounting. But here, within is Seijaku.   7 Part Series of Zen   Zen to me,  is a calmness. But, aContinue reading “7 Days of Zen”

Imagination, Creation, Inspiration: Friday’s Photos

What did I get up to for Friday’s Photographs? I read. I wandered. I imagined. I thought about things of a ‘delicate texture.’  Both tangible and intangible. I went for a micro mini walk. Truly I’m too embarrassed to call it a walk. To the nearest park is just at the end of our street,Continue reading “Imagination, Creation, Inspiration: Friday’s Photos”

Saturday! Silly Art Creations

Saturday is here!  Its Time.  Time for some silliness….. to create some wild and fun, even hilarious art!   No serious poker faces here today. Nope. Make a mess. Put a sheet down. Take it outside. Take it into the garage. Don’t let ‘Tidiness and Mess’  waggle their fingers at your precious artist within. NotContinue reading “Saturday! Silly Art Creations”

Peace Joy LOVE 2015

Wishing you a holiday season filled with wonder, and …..   Thank you fabulous readers!   Your many generous comments, likes, shares and views helped provide me with the incentive to push on and keep learning more skills for this website/blog adventure that I started last December. That December held 600 views.   This lastContinue reading “Peace Joy LOVE 2015”

Irresistible Colours of Rosemary

I was surprised. Amazed.   I’d planned to post my paintings….. But the colours of the rosemary were simply irresistible.  Cobalt Blue, Maroon, Lavender, Lime green, Rose Pink, Silvery sage green.  The more I look,  the more colours I see! Rosemary    Rosmarinus Officinalis Rosemary is a Mediterranean spice with ‘reported’ benefits.  Apparently, no oneContinue reading “Irresistible Colours of Rosemary”