The Fine Art of Self-Love



Art, Self Love and 2020.

2020.  A new direction. A new dimension. 


Expressive Watercolors,

I loved 2019. I felt great, worked on some fabulous projects and took on more tasks than previous years. All the while, still feeling better than ever.  Amazing year.  

Moving forwards is ingrained into me, I’m constantly trying to reach just a bit further for myself.  I know I challenge my students to stretch and expand in their art ideas, knowledge and techniques as well. They take it in stride, match me step for step. 


What am I doing now?  

I’ve had multiple projects on the go, keeping quite occupied.  And always….Thinking of ways to inspire and encourage others coming into the art room, perhaps for the first time. 


2020 Theme

Self expression, self love, doing “it” whatever it is, for the love of what you are engaged in.  

More Art Adventures, more art for the experience, less for the product.

Less things to ‘judge.’


I propose, that art, is an Experience to be enjoyed to please oneself.

As an act of self love. 


Doing the things you, prefer.  

It’s about Your tastes and the things you love. (Not concerned with what they might like from you.)

I’m encouraging each of my course participants to consider, that Art might be viewed, as an Experience:  just like going to a musical, a movie, the theatre, skiing, or, even bungee jumping?!


Encouraging us, to believe that we are engaged in this activity, for the pleasure  derived in the moment.  

Solely because we love our selves enough to do something Nice, for us.

Not for a product to judge.

I think it makes us stronger, more resilient to treat your self like you would a friend. Don’t you?


It is a Fine Art, this Self Love.

Like all art forms….. it’s taking a lot of practice.


Creating, sketching, painting, envisioning, imagining all are useful in this endeavour I find.   

Digital art,  a combination of my photography and my paintings is another new avenue I am loving and will be sharing through the year.  



process of creating
“Curiosity”     Watercolors, pigments, inks, spray adhesive  on pastel paper

 2020 is a new year.

It is easy, to resist new things.  

Its risky, and so much harder, to allow curiosity full rein.

But, to be curious and willing to experiment with different things, this is Expansion.  

So, Why not?! 


Term 1 is well under way at Atwell Gallery in Perth, Western Australia where I’m holding courses.  

Eyes opened in discovering the transformation from the old plain jane Watercolor class…. to  “Out-side the square.”


Oh my, What, did the students sign up for!?


Weekly fun, inventive adventures.

Last week was egg yolks! Making our own egg tempera paints. Seeing the gorgeous satiny finish that when dried, just felt luscious.  


I am a huge fan of the great Australian artists, especially those of the twentieth century. Its my pleasure to share with people the arts and culture of Australia. Not just the modern, but the past as well.  

So next week we are all going into the city to the state gallery.  W.A. Art Gallery   to view the Australian historical collection. This will include Frederick McCubbin and John Longstaff, both fantastic artists.


I admire Albert Einstein.  

He said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”   

2020.  It most certainly, will be An Adventure! 

I am so looking forward to it.



Final Note for those,  ‘curious’  about the two images shown.

Expressive Watercolors, first image was done using a palette knife on damp 100% cotton paper.  I used the PK 1008 knife as I love its sensitivity to my gestures without being harsh and heavy.  I used mainly the earth colors in order to be in harmony with the Australian terrain, burnt and dry. 

Curiosity, the last image was a surprise. The surface was a textured pastel paper with a high grit tooth. I splashed on some  burnt orange and blue inks randomly. Then, dropped in dry pigments and some watercolor. Followed by a light spray of Adhesive spray over the image. What happened was a delightful, unexpected sedimentation. The texture in real life is incredible.  







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