Why The World Needs Artists, Now.

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The World needs each one of us, to be an artist. To think, like an artist.  Now.

Ok I admit it. As an artist, I am biased.

However, no-one can deny times are exceptionally unique. Many of us haven’t seen any major world changing events in our lifetimes.  The coping strategies for This, may just seem to escape us.

Some of us might feel unfocused, scattered. Unable to move out of the canvas.


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around and around the canvas



Artists are uniquely placed in this current situation. Most of us have had to become very tenacious people. For one reason or another.

Plus, we are on the whole,  fascinatingly resourceful, resilient and quite inventive.

We constantly, much to the bemusement of our non-art friends, view  Every thing as if it were an unresolved puzzle. Part of some canvas that we need to make whole and balanced,  ‘fixed.’


We’ve always mentally challenged our selves  to find the skills or ways to get the job done. Or even… to Invent methods, if that’s what we need to do!  Our compulsion to make the current Canvas more harmonious and unified doesn’t allow our minds much off time.

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artist’s ways of seeing

The canvas we are staring at, may have small niggling issues. Or may have horrific near impossible fissures, we can’t fathom how we are ever going to resolve.

But,  I so often say, “Its just not yet, resolved.” 


In other words, do not despair. Do not quit. Don’t give up and lose heart.   Leave it for another couple days or so, if needs be. Then look again with a rested, fresh eye.   Things, look different then.


We artists,  seek  the harmonious balance. We are driven to bring all the parts together into Unity, into Wholeness.  In a sense, into Wellness.


middleground, focus, abstract painting, debiriley.com
towards the middle ground, its a great pathway

You may think, initially being ‘an artist’ is a solitary, self indulgent activity.

But, when we delve further, into the ‘why’ of these things,  we discover it is inextricably linked to our desire for community.  Our  need for connectedness. Our drive for unification and harmony in the world we live in.  We  express these things with others using art as the communication form.  

I feel this is the opposite of selfish. Even though most of us must spend a great deal of time alone in the pursuit of our artistic creative activities.

Most artists, are in their own way, expressing and communicating pathways in which the community might connect together harmoniously.


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Ways of Seeing, Thinking, Inventing

Corona Canvas

With the current ugly Corona virus canvas  we are faced with,  we artists – are  thinking.

We are imagining.  We are inventing new skills and different strategies.



It is not an over night process. We don’t  just ‘wake up’ and Voila! all is well.

We don’t have “on” button that we push and are ready to go with bright ideas,  full of sunshine and energy.

It does, take us time to process this cataclysmic event with a magnitude we have never seen.


So, Yes.  It is ok to take a bit of time to wrap your head and emotions around the Corona canvas.

But as Artists…. we are, thinking.

Trying to figure out skills and strategies to better resolve the biggest canvas we have ever worked on before.

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With Time, Clarity


Artists. Are lucky.

We have a habit. This very process of thinking in terms of  How to Resolve a Canvas, stands us in very good stead. We don’t feel quite so, paralysed. At least not for as long.

We are conditioned to look at a canvas, assess the strong areas and its weak areas, then brainstorm techniques to mitigate the weaker areas.  

Each of us can do this.

I ask, each of you, to encourage someone else, to Be… an artist too.

In words, music, images, paints, in sheer Imagination.


Drifting Feather jade green, debi riley art, debiriley.com
White Feather Drifting in deep jade greens….     one can, Imagine Invent, many things from this alone

World Needs Artists’ Way of Thinking

The World Needs, each of us,  to dig deep.

To find our hidden artist inside.

That creative resourceful tenacious community minded being, that won’t rest until the Corona canvas has been mitigated. Balanced.  And the canvas of the global community brought back into a semblance of holistic wellbeing and unity.


BE. The Artist You were meant to be.

We need you.




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Wake Me when its all better…. don’t we all wish that right about now? debiriley.com

We can’t sleep through this.

We can’t stick our heads in the sand.



We must be creative.

We must be thoughtfull.



I want to leave this post with a link on a quote from a University of Sydney study by Professor  Mikhail  Prokopenko. 

He stated that  80%   of the community must quarantine for the virus to be controlled.

70%  will see failure.




Person  in 10 makes ALL the difference.



make a difference













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2 thoughts on “Why The World Needs Artists, Now.

  1. First reaction is Yes! You have described my constant struggle with completing a painting….. harmony and unity and I will insert another one, meaning. I am driven to touch all corners of these ideas and often feel frustrated. I never hear this discussed and thank you so much for clarity. In this crazy time of the coronavirus, I feel like it is even more pronounced. I will be referring back to your post often. Stay safe and well Debi!


  2. Strange world changing events happening at the moment. But I do have a tendency to look for the positive side of things where possible. Right now I’m not able to go to work due to the Coronavirus – so I have large amounts of time to paint and create. And for that I’m happy. I’ve heard so many people lately complain about being bored stuck at home, so maybe now’s the time they should consider taking up something creative. It would help to relieve their boredom and stress levels…


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