The Feeling of the Land. I love the land, its colours, textures, shapes, layers and the richness of its dialogue.  Its more important to me, to convey the feeling of the place, its spirit rather than the precise exact details. When I paint, I feel it.

Stirling Ranges in cobalt
Stirling Ranges in Cobalt Blue

I rely more on my creative intuition than on cold hard ‘rules.’  Even though,  I know guidelines are extremely relevant.    If  the image touches the viewer, evoking a heartfelt response,  then I think that I’ve been fairly successful with the image.  In both of these colourful impressionistic landscapes, for me, there’s a real sense of being there. Of being able to walk through the valley and to the mountains just beyond.   One takes you up to the mountain peak; the other painting has you journey through the gap to wonder what exists on the other side.  

Thru the Gap
Thru the Gap

Both images are based on travels throughout Australia,   Western Australia and the New South Wales areas  near  Scone and Murrurrundi.  I loved these places and have always been inspired by their rough bold beauty.