Zen Stroll: Watercolor Tree Inspirations

Can we lower blood pressure in under 5 minutes?  A soft smile upon our faces? And, can we  be Ready for the day?  Calm morning strolls, no matter how short, are perfect.  Perfect for refreshing, for inspiring. For gaining new insights.   The Zen Strolls My Zen Strolls began a few years ago, with the instructionsContinue reading “Zen Stroll: Watercolor Tree Inspirations”

A Walk, for Blue

Just a super quick post. About a short walk, around the block and back. A relaxed, amble, if you will. Looking for things “Blue.”   Blue Flowers   I did find lots of lovelies in wonderful shades and tones of blue.   Cerulean, Ultramarine, Prussian, Indigo, Indanthrone, Cobalt,  and tons of in between blends. ItsContinue reading “A Walk, for Blue”

To Dream of Skies

To Dream of Skies…. we look up and wonder. Indigo cloud storms darken the day for a little while; but we know the sun will indeed return. Giving us sunrises of sweeping cerulean blue tinged with the palest of naples yellow low, on the horizon. Soft peach and apricot flickering delicately like wings upon theContinue reading “To Dream of Skies”

My Rose Creations

Delicate barely there shell pinks. So pretty. And yet, when created in black and white fascinate as well. The patterns and designs within had a wonderful gentleness that I felt and wished to convey.         Spring Roses a Creation   I imagine. I create. I let the subject speak to me!  Continue reading “My Rose Creations”

Birds and Kids on Silly Saturday

A classic,  “I’m looking at You”  look from Mr.  Bird at the wildlife park. Before you ask,  I’m not sure what bird this was as we were with the children and ….. well,  I’m sure you can imagine. I feel lucky, to have gotten any photos at all! Kids these days are very active, restlessContinue reading “Birds and Kids on Silly Saturday”