Finding Art… in Singapore

art in the garden, Singapore flower dome, travel asia,

Where might you see art in Singapore?

Two words….

“its everywhere!”



I didn’t expect fascinating art creations, sculptures, installations, etc.  to literally be around each street corner in Singapore.

That was,  A Surprise.

It was fun, to see artsy things pop up around pretty much where ever I looked.


art in the garden, Singapore flower dome, travel asia,
Art, in Singapore


Art Singapore



Singapore did surprise me.

I found so much more here, than I thought I might.


Too much almost.

You’d need to visit more than a week to take in adequately all that is available.

I went to two art exhibitions that were stunning. (More on those in a later post.)

The river cruise, animal park, Orchard district shopping – kept us busy.

My camera card was filled.  My hand, sore.

So many photographs – but truly I couldn’t resist.




Gardens by The Bay

My featured shot for the flower dome seems straight out of Alice in Wonderland.

It does capture the mood perfectly.



Gardens by The Bay info

The design team for the project included WilkinsonEyre, Grant Associates, Atelier Ten and Atelier One.

Located in the central area of Singapore, is a 250 acre park of reclaimed land.


The idea behind creating the gardens was to transform the city.

To change it from a garden city…… to a

City in a Garden.  



Yes, they did.



Singapore Garden by the bay, flower dome,
Flower Dome Garden by Bay Singapore



With family now in Singapore, I think we will have a few more visits in the future.






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18 thoughts on “Finding Art… in Singapore

  1. I used to live in Singapore and loved it. Your photos and anecdote reminded me how lovely that place was 🙂 Singapore does have a lot of art and surrounds to be admired. For a bustling city, there seems to be nature all round and over the last few years, creativity is certainly emerging over there. Love your shot of the cardman. The way you framed it, it looks like it is so surprised to see you. Your hand sore – sounded like you took a heap of photos and more than the usual number in a day, and hope there was enough space in your memory card 🙂

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    1. hi Mabel, and thanks! Singapore…. surprised me. Thus, that shot seemed so appropriate. It really was a city in a garden.
      When I go next time, wondering what you might suggest as things to do and see that isn’t on the normal typical ‘tourists trap itinerary’? I enjoy off the beaten path, not routine everyday things… although the Cloud Dome I can’t say that, was ordinary by any stretch. I did take an excess of pics, but of course not even half are any good!


      1. If you’re wanting to bypass the tourist route, I’d suggest go West… I used to live in the Clementi area where there are plenty of hawker stalls and every day shops, Not touristy, but you get a slice of local life there. If you are up for some exercise, maybe a hike around Bukit Timah, Mount Faber or Macritchie Reservoir might strike your fancy 🙂

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      2. wow, this is great info, thank you so much Mabel. we will most likely go again in Spring I think. hubby might be into the hikes so this is good to know. and I’d go for a shorter zen stroll 🙂


      3. thanks! My son is already, hinting about the next visit 🙂
        Yes, well…… long hikes for me, are out. torn hip tendon. but short ones, I do enjoy so much. I appreciate your Singapore tips, makes me more excited for that next trip.

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  2. Such an amazing country…. Beautiful photographs and retelling, dear Debi.
    I love that you included those little succulent plants at the end, by the way ((I have a little collection, cactus and succulents, love them!)… All the best. xxoo ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much Aquileana! I took heaps, of cactus shots… so hard not to include them all LOL my friend used to have the lovely night blooming cactus, a big delicious scented white flowered cactus. have you heard of it? maybe you even have it! 🙂


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