Impressionist’s Approach …painting water

Rules. Basics. Secrets. More rules….. For the beginner watercolorist, it can be, all very overwhelming to try to remember it all! You don’t have to.     Painting Water My thoughts on painting water.   Keep it super simple. For Beginners:  Short easy sessions,  that you focus on just one technique at a time areContinue reading “Impressionist’s Approach …painting water”

Unified Palette: indigo and raw umber

A very simple watercolor landscape. No bells or whistles. Just two paints. Indigo for a cool, dark. Raw Umber for the warmer, lighter color.         Impressionist Watercolor Landscape     My processes   Color Selection. I decided to paint using a very reduced palette to help with unifying the image. I neededContinue reading “Unified Palette: indigo and raw umber”

Joy: Dawn’s Early Light

Joy. This is one of my favorite words! And early morning is my favorite time of the day. It IS filled, with joy.   What does ‘Joy’ mean !?       Joy For me,  “Joy” can be interpreted as: cheerfulness,  warmth, sunny, happy,  contentment,  satisfaction. A  resilience of will,  regardless. A deep abiding innerContinue reading “Joy: Dawn’s Early Light”

Painting Impressionistic Landscapes

Loose, free, colourful, impressionistic – thats how I love to paint landscapes.  Using the Impressionistic  approach I’ll use my hand, my brush, a colour to put my own personal interpretation of the subject into the paintings.  I enjoy bold colour applied with confidence, something that looks like I was having fun!   I really don’tContinue reading “Painting Impressionistic Landscapes”