Joy: Dawn’s Early Light

oil painting, sky clouds, dawns early light,

Joy. This is one of my favorite words!

And early morning is my favorite time of the day.

It IS filled, with joy.


What does ‘Joy’ mean !?



oil painting, sky clouds, dawns early light,
Dawn’s Light, oil painting



For me,  “Joy” can be interpreted as:

cheerfulness,  warmth, sunny, happy,  contentment,  satisfaction.

A  resilience of will,  regardless.

A deep abiding inner wellspring of light and hope.


Joy,  it appears, has a multi layered meaning for me. It does go beyond that surface appearance of the smiling on the outside or being outwardly ‘little miss sunshine.’


Rising early, I see the first light.

Dawn… with all its many faces, adds to my joy.

The day sometimes, may not proceed quite so brilliantly. However, I have had my touch of dawn.  A taste of Joy.






A beautiful thing.

To glimpse the predawn glow.

To see the gilding upon the sky.

To see Hope painted in wide brushstrokes for all who would see.


o, say

can you see

the dawn’s early light?



There is joy and satisfaction found within hope.  There is contentment in the knowing that all things change.  Seasons change.  Just as moon sets and the dawn rises.  All things change.





Oil Painting

This oil painting is large. 4 foot x 3 foot.


However, I must confess:

whether an art image is a miniature 1inch square or a massive 12 foot mural…. is irrelevant to me.


What matters is IF the image sings,  OR NOT.

Does the image speak to me, does it touch me in any way?

IF NOT, then how big or small it is, is totally meaningless to me.


The message in the painting. The Content. The essence, The Spirit. The Heart and Soul.

Its these things that truly mean something to me. These things have the value I need.   Anything else is, less.


And, yes.  I have many, many paintings that do Not speak well nor sing. But croak sadly. I’m being honest.




What dictates the size of the art image on the day?

  • How much time I have available.
  • Whether it is summer or not.
  • If I can paint outdoors, or not. If its hot summer, I can’t paint oils outside its too hot!
  • And when I close my eyes… what does the subject tell me to do?!




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    1. we all need, a moment or two of bliss in these days don’t we! it is a very Good word 🙂 thank you Margaret, I appreciate your thoughtfulness and friendship YRF

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    1. that, is perfect then!
      if only it could transform …. more people. I’m so excited that you felt that from the painting Anneli 🙂 cheers, and may you in Truth
      Have a Beautiful Day…. debi


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