SO Zen! watercolor granulating pigments

Where would we be without the granulating pigments of watercolor? That’s a good question!       Watercolor Pigments Granulation is Texture. Texture creates depth, atmosphere, feeling and visual interest. The granulation adds ….  Mystery. Intrigue. It is yet another powerful tool to capture the audience.     My featured painting “So Zen”  used aContinue reading “SO Zen! watercolor granulating pigments”

Unified Palette: indigo and raw umber

A very simple watercolor landscape. No bells or whistles. Just two paints. Indigo for a cool, dark. Raw Umber for the warmer, lighter color.         Impressionist Watercolor Landscape     My processes   Color Selection. I decided to paint using a very reduced palette to help with unifying the image. I neededContinue reading “Unified Palette: indigo and raw umber”

Walking in the Green Woods (Daniel Smith Watercolors)

How much fun can you have – just walking in the green woods?     or just splashing and mixing paints?     I had endless  fun. Both during my short walk and after, while creating these pretty little foliage green mixes.       With only a few brief moments to play,   IContinue reading “Walking in the Green Woods (Daniel Smith Watercolors)”

The Glow: Evening’s Golden Lights

Watercolor, versatile and forgiving. Watercolor,  the easiest of the media to make corrections! One year later, I returned to the painting.  Washed some areas off, softened off some bits and added a few hints of pastels here and there.   Done!     That is one of the major attributes I like most about watercolor. HowContinue reading “The Glow: Evening’s Golden Lights”