Beautiful, her words…. (Words To Paint By)

Melbourne, a thriving cultural metropolis.  A mecca for Australians wanting a touch  ‘more.’ My friends, my students,  they frequent the city and bring back stories to share with me.  I’ve yet to go. It is, most definitely, on my list. In a city of 4.8 million people, there is an abundance of  art museums, galleries,Continue reading “Beautiful, her words…. (Words To Paint By)”

Share Some Art

As many of you may have discovered reading my articles, I have a very broad scope on what “Art” can be.   Sharing Art, is simply a way of giving what one is able to – to some one else.       The Forms of ART Art comes in Many Diverse Forms.    AContinue reading “Share Some Art”

Just… Let go

I’d like to inspire you. I hope I do.   I’d like to infuse you with the spirit of adventure and to encourage you. To excite you with the possibilities and wonders your very own creative voice has for us.  To let you know that those little wee mistakes, imperfections are part of this beautifulContinue reading “Just… Let go”

Kids Like Cobalt Teal Blue, Too

July is #Worldwatercolormonth. Charlie at lobbied diligently for July to be the official month for Watercolor. Part of worldwatercolormonth’s  purpose is  so we can help support children in their art pursuits. They need art supplies too!     These paintings were done on donated canvases and artist quality paints. Yes,  including the lovely,  Cobalt TealContinue reading “Kids Like Cobalt Teal Blue, Too”