Spring – Happy Snap

Doesn’t this just make you feel “Happy”?! This real quick,   “happy snap” looks lovely and lively.  Can you see how the wind caused the petals to bounce and dance? It was if  they were happy too, that Spring arrived!     Spring,  so inviting.  Petals open wide.  Shadows playing.   It was a luckyContinue reading “Spring – Happy Snap”

Ethereal at Dawn in the style of Charles Conder

Ethereal. Let me be completely honest!  It it is not exactly what I was aiming for this morning as I took the photographs. It began as I was  …………   Rereading my book Orientalism: Delacroix to Klee.   The book  opened to Charles Conder’s  Moonlight at Mustafa 1892 oil painting in which I felt the magicContinue reading “Ethereal at Dawn in the style of Charles Conder”