Loose, free, colourful, impressionistic – thats how I love to paint landscapes.  Using the Impressionistic  approach I’ll use my hand, my brush, a colour to put my own personal interpretation of the subject into the paintings.  I enjoy bold colour applied with confidence, something that looks like I was having fun!

Impressionistic Watercolour debiriley.com
Impressionistic Watercolour -Western Australia Landscape debiriley.com


I really don’t want my work to look as if  I’d laboured over it, or been tortured to get it done.   I constantly remind myself, that confidence will carry the day – even if some minor technical aspects may have gone astray.  Impressionistic painting style suits me, is a much better fit to my personality. I’d be overly negative, full of angst, way too harsh with myself if I was…. a botanical artist, or had to do photorealism. My brother is very much a photorealist artist and he is quite happy to spend months on one image. That would drive me insane.  He works in black and white, rarely in colour.

Impressionist Landscape Oils debiriley.com
Teal Inlet Impressionist Oils debiriley.com

I love Colour! Impressionist Colour paintings in watercolour, oils, acrylics and pastels draw me in every time.

impressionistic acrylics debiriley.com
Acrylics Impressionist Beach and landscape debiriley.com
Impressionistic watercolour trees debiriley.com
Impressionistic Trees Watercolours Indigo Cobalt teal debiriley.com

I find at times, that my love of colour can blind me to the need for tonal value balance as I paint away.

Then, of course I must resolve the tones when I do my assessments.  Sometimes I don’t mind, especially if I’ve not been able to paint for awhile and I just need to let loose to paint and get it out of my system.

wet in wet, impressionist sky debiriley.com
Wet in Wet, Impressionistic sky debiriley.com

In other words, I work with, this tendency.  I know it. I have strategies to try to prevent some of it from occurring. But, I accept it as part of me, who I am as an artist. I don’t get bogged down with critical, negative thoughts.

miniature watercolour impressionistic landscape debiriley.com
Miniature Watercolour Impressionistic Landscape debiriley.com


Instead,  I think positive. Can I turn the accidents into assets?  Which one of the 101 ways that I know can Resolve a painting shall I try this time?

I always feel more inspired,  freer, more confident when I paint my landscapes with the Impressionist approach.