Textures and Patterns in Nature: Photography

cherry blossom photo debiriley.com

Photographs of simple common subjects with intriguing textures and patterns often create stunning images that capture the artist’s and the viewers’ eyes.  Fallen Leaf photograph taken in Canning Vale, WA has great Soft edges in the background which creates recession in the photo, whereas the sharp detailed textures and patterns in the foreground  bring it forward to make it appear nearer.

Shadow and Light of a fallen leaf debiriley.com
Shadow and Light of a Fallen Leaf debiriley.com

I tend to be a big fan of close ups of the subject, feeling that I can convey much more richness of depth and essence of the subject using that approach in taking the photo.

The textures of the photo Sand at Lancelin has lovely depth, intricate negative spaces close up, and with silvery purple shadows softly falling upon the sand.

dune textures in the sand at Lancelin debiriley.com
Dune Textures in the Sand at Lancelin debiriley.com












cherry blossom photo debiriley.com
Cherry Blossoms nature’s textures debiriley.com


Cherry Blossoms textures are smooth ruffles of rosy petticoats.  Whereas the Banksia has long tendrils curling down and around in lovely random patterns.



banksia native texture debiriley.com
Banksia native texture debiriley.com
tree blossoms in lemon and lime colours debiriley.com
Tree Blossoms in lemon and lime colours debiriley.com













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