Early mornings and late afternoons are the ideal times to capture the serenity of nature whether I’m painting or taking photos. The tranquil setting along with the soft edges and cool lavenders create the perfect relaxing mood in the photo “Serenity.”

Serenity at Dusk Darwin
Serenity at Dusk Darwin 

Water is always a great subject for portraying calmness, especially using cool colours.  If its the middle of the day there is a lot of glare and contrast that creates harsher tones and sharper edges. Dusk and sunrise help create softer edges which will convey a smoother, more relaxed feel to the image.

All these shots were taken while up in Darwin, NT Australia and trekking around the area. It had stunning scenery, sunsets, waterfalls, crocodiles. Though, I have to confess, the whole crocodile boat trip, was not, definitely not, relaxing!  But the rest certainly was.

Through the Trees Darwin debiriley.com
Through The Trees Darwin debiriley.com





reflections northern territory debiriley.com
Hidden in the Depths Reflections Northern Territory debiriley.com
Tropical emerald pool Northern Territories
Tropical Emerald Pool NT debiriley.com


aquamarine patterns debiriley.com
Aquamarine Patterns debiriley.com




Outback Oasis debiriley.com
Outback Oasis debiriley.com