Bright mango orange, cerulean blue and lush decadent emerald.

Colors… they delight the soul.


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The Eloquence of Color

With orange and black bands peeping and curling around the corners, I can almost be fooled into thinking a tropical clown fish is hiding in an vintage aquarium.  But no.

Its only my camera and I.  What Fun!


What Camera?  What Lens?

I’m just using my old,  Canon Rebel 600d with  the 100mm f2.8L macro lens.

This older camera with an updated lens – its helping me to see in new ways.

Learning to “see differently.”

I like it.




Below:   This is how it looks as is, regular. A “Normal” look.

I do,  Love the colors and the reflected glass details.

The Pineapple motif in the front glass, is different.

My antique cerulean Kanwha glass vase in the back with its crackle glass, definitely vintage!

But the photo is,  all in all…. a fairly regular traditional style and look.



I’ve Captured the Colors,  but I haven’t  Said much else.


I wonder. How to go about ‘saying something’ in a photograph…… What could I do?  I might just Pause;  and think on some options.

I often use this same approach for painting as well.

I pause.

I walk away from the artwork for a few minutes.

It helps immensely.


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Cut Glass Design, Orange Pineapples…



Interpretation, improvisation.  Adding that bit of ‘extra’ to the recipe.  Ad libbing. Giving that little bit extra, and going the extra Step.

Ad libbing. Improvising. Interpreting for myself.

I truly love this. It is a walk into creativity.  Whether it is cooking, cat training, photography, mixing some colors, painting. Or simply…… going for a zen stroll.


I like,  going that extra step.  You never know what beauty and adventures lie just around that next bend.

Sure. It could lead to trouble.

But, generally Not.  And nothing in art, is ever truly a life catastrophe… is it!


A Pleasing Philosophy:


Painting. Creating an art image.  Taking a photograph.

These are all ….  kind of like writing a fiction book.

You –  get to make up all the characters.

You make up and control all the scenes. Everything.

Whatever colors you want.

Whatever shapes, objects, things you’d like – they can be –  in what ever locations you choose.

YOU  are the author.

We forget this!!




Improvise More

Photo #2  Emerald  Reflections

This is just a bit closer.

Same Pineapple glass.

But I’ve found a gorgeous green plate to lay underneath.

The deep emeralds and jades that I’ve captured look exquisite in this abstracted version of Real Life.


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Emerald Designs, debiriley (c)



Colors and Imagination

And finally….. letting some imagination loose.

The Impressionist Painters loved their dreamy paintings and ever so soft,  blurred edges.

I’ve taken it to just a bit beyond.

Yet,  there is still a hint of a focal point that the eye can travel to. To connect with.

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With this image I zoomed right in with the 100mm macro lens.  I chose to give it an ultra soft, abstract look.

This image lends itself especially to oils or pastels. With the dominance of soft blurred edges either would be ideal.

The Scarlet – Orange is in many places diffused.  Greyed down, desaturated.  And with the background being in lovely soft Greys,  it presents a smoother and less jumpy visual effect.




Capturing Color

3 approaches I was led to use today by the lovely Muse of Color

  • Captured Color  by using the complementary pair:  blue & orange
  • Captured Color by changing/improvising the colors  I wanted in the reflections
  • Captured Color by choosing to diffuse, blur and desaturate  colors I wished to




This is Part #1  of  Capturing Color,   stay tuned for Part #2!