Impressionist Colors of the Sea… John Peter Russell

A fine example, a master of the impressionist era.  John Peter Russell should not go unnoticed by art lovers. Admittedly, while in America I hadn’t heard of him. Until  I moved to Australia and visited the New South Wales Art Gallery.       Impressionist Artist   What Beautiful colors. Exquisite brush movement. The sensitivityContinue reading “Impressionist Colors of the Sea… John Peter Russell”

Wonderful Wednesday Watercolours – The Detours

Watercolour Wednesday again!  Fun and exciting, Watercolours are predictably unpredictable. With their own unique Quirkiness. Love them!     Watercolours Wonderful and Unpredictable You just never know with watercolours, they seem to have a mind of their own at times. You tell them to go right and they go left!  And then you have allContinue reading “Wonderful Wednesday Watercolours – The Detours”

Cobalt Teal Blue, Easy on the Eyes

Its a very early Sunday morning, and I’m feeling like going for a little holiday as I drink my predawn coffee. A peaceful, relaxing, tranquil place.  Cobalt Teal Blue: a perfect holiday colour!  I’ll scout my photos… can I find my morning holiday? Esperance glittering waters.  An image that soothes, invites and delights. Definitely hasContinue reading “Cobalt Teal Blue, Easy on the Eyes”

Dive Into the Mysteries of Blue Paints

Sweet, the lovely enchantment of paintings in blue!  Crystal clear and calming. Refreshing.  Mysterious. Deep.  Let’s dive into the mysteries of blue paints:  Ultramarine, cerulean, cobalt teal blue, indanthrone, prussian, cobalt, phalo and manganese.   Unravelling the Mystery of Blue Paints The beginner needs to dive headlong into the refreshing diversity and beauty of blueContinue reading “Dive Into the Mysteries of Blue Paints”