Even in winter, I always have summer in my soul.  Thats what Cobalt Teal Blue does. It adds a slice of summer, even in the midst of winter’s cold grey days.

And, As promised…. more CTB (cobalt teal blue) will be featuring this summer!

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Cobalt Teal Blue, in Summer


Cobalt Teal Blue

Its summer in Perth.

The northern hemisphere is snuggling up to cozy fires and perhaps a white Christmas soon. But not here.


In Perth,  Its The Season for –

Cobalt teal blue waters behind bright white sand beaches;  set against the stark bold cobalt expanse of the heavens.


With a bit of the Fremantle Dr. to stir the air.

The Fremantle Dr. is a local term for the afternoon breeze that graces the lovely homes dotting the coastline. If you live on the beach or near it,  the breeze is really quite pleasant on a blazing summer’s day.


The Indian Ocean is a pure, nearly unbelievable CTB.

My abstract painting, really does emulate the turquoise  colors of the coastline  along Perth, Western Australia.



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With a bit of inspiration, a tube of Cobalt Teal Blue,

I always have Summer in my Soul!