Summer in my Soul (cobalt teal blue)

summer time, beach and ocean, cobalt teal blue,

Even in winter, I always have summer in my soul.  Thats what Cobalt Teal Blue does. It adds a slice of summer, even in the midst of winter’s cold grey days.

And, As promised…. more CTB (cobalt teal blue) will be featuring this summer!

summer time, beach and ocean, cobalt teal blue,
Cobalt Teal Blue, in Summer


Cobalt Teal Blue

Its summer in Perth.

The northern hemisphere is snuggling up to cozy fires and perhaps a white Christmas soon. But not here.


In Perth,  Its The Season for –

Cobalt teal blue waters behind bright white sand beaches;  set against the stark bold cobalt expanse of the heavens.


With a bit of the Fremantle Dr. to stir the air.

The Fremantle Dr. is a local term for the afternoon breeze that graces the lovely homes dotting the coastline. If you live on the beach or near it,  the breeze is really quite pleasant on a blazing summer’s day.


The Indian Ocean is a pure, nearly unbelievable CTB.

My abstract painting, really does emulate the turquoise  colors of the coastline  along Perth, Western Australia.



Inspiring CTB (cobalt teal blue)  posts:


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surf painting in acrylics,
Surf Play



With a bit of inspiration, a tube of Cobalt Teal Blue,

I always have Summer in my Soul!   






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29 thoughts on “Summer in my Soul (cobalt teal blue)

    1. thank you, Jodi!! 🙂
      thats definitely, my “pick” too…
      sometimes the best ones come in small packages!
      This first one is 8 x 10 on Arches paper; and the last image is 36 x 24 on canvas. (both are acrylics)

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  1. Not long ago a design client said that teal was “out of style” and “very 20th century”. As you show in your work, especially “Surf Play”, teal is still around and one of nature’s great colors. By the way, I’ll never get used to the fact that people I know in the southern hemisphere are warming up to summer while up here in the north we’re talking about snow and bundling up for winter.

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    1. I found it so hard to deal with Christmas here at first Rich! now, I’ve gotten used to it – though I think of white Christmas’s fondly 🙂
      I’m a defiant little rebel I’m afraid! comments like that….causes me to wonder, perhaps about their lack of inner confidence in their own unique Muse. maybe they could… get some paints out and just let loose!! 🙂


  2. Lovely, chilled, happy colours. Thanks for sharing! I have just started a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to look? Have a nice afternoon, Sam 🙂

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    1. Ena, thank you so much! you are very kind to say so, I appreciate it 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed this one, and …. the rest of my fun and imaginative collection! cheers, Debi


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