Sea Sirens ll – Into the Deep Blues

seascape abstract in oils, cobalt teal blue, ultramarine blue, painting the sea,

Resist? I don’t think so!

Not many can ignore the promises she makes with her gorgeous sea greens, as they flash into deep near violet ultramarine.


seascape abstract in oils, cobalt teal blue, ultramarine blue, painting the sea,
Sun’s Light plays across the waters


Sea Sirens: Ultramarine, Cobalt Teal Blue

The Sea.

She, is a Sea Siren and I’m as pulled into the deep as everyone else.


These colors, ultramarine blue and cobalt teal blue, are my most irresistible lures.

I look. Look again. And relax into the waters.

From the serene shallows out all the way into the far depths out of the sea.


There is something – about these two.

These beautiful, Sea Sirens.


impressionist oil painting, abstract ocean in ultramarine blue, ocean beaches and shores,
Sea Sirens, cobalt teal and ultramarine blue



Being Present

Both of these images, (Above and Below)  I zoomed right in on the painting.

Focusing on that gorgeous textured weave of the canvas.

Blurring off the front and back.

So that it mimics, it ‘appears’  that the only thing present …..

is   This Moment In Time.    


no past, no future, just the now.




As I was sitting on the dunes, my eyes drawn out to sea – it was fabulous to “be in  that moment.”

Watching surfers, as finally they captured their prize.

The perfect cresting wave in….  “That singular Moment”  they’d been searching for.


When,  absolutely every thing is in exquisite balance and harmony.


This what I was trying, to convey here.




Capturing …The Moment




Digital Art, Fun Verse

This was a quick, and fun little play with verse in formats and designs.

It was only on the computer… so I didn’t actually spoil my painting!!


The vertical design, I liked.

I thought that making the second phrase a smaller text, enhanced the atmosphere, the feeling of being drawn in.

Of being Lured into the deep.


sea sirens, oil abstract, ultramarine blue oils, cobalt teal blue pg50, painting the sea,
Lured …into the deep



Snippets –

I chose several views of the painting to show today.

Thinking to provide mini glimpses into the quirks of the sea.

She has many faces and so many moods.


I’ve taken huge leaps of artistic creative license.

I’m allowed. I am the creator…of this piece of work.


Its an interpretation, an expression, it is not a literal duplication of the scene.

Lucky me, I have my camera for that!!


No, the painting was from the spirit.

A Dialogue of expressing the moods.



Materials Used 

Oil paints

ultramarine blue pb29

cobalt teal pg50

White pw6

prussian blue pb27    (I used only a minute ratio of this at top, about 4% with the ultramarine blue)

The golden sienna you see was part of my backdrop I chose, not paint.


I used a 24 x 36 canvas   with some old (ratty) brushes. For the most part, the paint was applied fairly thin.

And brushed right into the canvas fabric. 

I like the Textures of the canvas showing through once the paint was on. The paint thinly applied helped ‘illuminate’ this feature.




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  1. Lovely, Debi! I love those blues and the ocean too….but, I also have always had a fascination for swimming pool water!! It has it’s very own special kind of blue and I think that when an ocean gets close to that, that’s when I love it best!! Natures swimming pool!

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    1. thanks Nancie, blue/green is so relaxing but yet invigorating all at the same time – so strange! the Vertical does provide a hint of that something else, that bit of action, perhaps… Thank you, for sharing your thoughts I really enjoy hearing what you have to say! cheers, Debi

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