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A Timeless Echo

A Timeless Echo

oil abstract, topographical, gold leaf textured painting,

Favorite Paintings


I have discovered a new word, I thought I’d pass it along to you.

Its filled.  

And rich, with layers of meanings.

 I love it! 

It fits perfectly in describing a few select pieces of my art. 

I thought you too, might like to know about this word I’ll share it with you.

 Along with a mini collection of my favourite art works I’ve created. 


“Hibiki”    Japanese  meaning ……… Echo,   Resonance.   


mountain in blue, watercolor mountain, semi abstract landscape,
Mountain in Blues



abstract watercolor, creative beginner art, blue paintings, ocean waves,
Sea Inspired

This is a collection of my own paintings created either on location, an echo of a memory,    or from a compilation of my own photos that I have taken myself on site.    

Just to let you know, none of them are particularly recent.

But older. 

For me, I feel they have,  by virtue of their age, stood the test of time.

They still give me Joy. 


abstract expressionist acrylic painting, orange red scarlet, bright color art paintings,
Expressionist in Pink and Scarlet

Each one, still resonates deep within.

Reminding me of how I want to paint.

How I wish to create.

Reminding me that  if I did it once,   (that is if I created a painting I genuinely can  feel the magic  echo within me years later,)  then yes, I can repeat that again.  

And again. And again.  

Success can be echoed. 


watercolor abstract simplicity, light red,
Simplicity Wc Light Red

Though, indeed, it might take time.

Persistence. And countless more paint tubes. 

But in the end, it is worth it.


watercolor gold abstract, cobalt teal blue, pools of turquoise, abstract painting,

All that time, energy, effort is worth it –  to have even a small collection that is Timeless.  

That continue,  to echo in my soul.

cobalt teal and rose watercolor abstract, creative texture techniques, watercolor lesson for beginners,
let the dust settle, teal and rose
acrylic landscape, simplicity in paint,


peace, joy, love oil painting in blue
Love. peace, joy, love


Blue with a hint … of teal and silver

Blue with a hint … of teal and silver

There is no running away from blue, or from cobalt teal blue.

Nor… would I have it any other way.

Soothing, refreshing. Immersed.

Drawing the eye inwards.

blue abstract sphere painting, oil painting in blues, circles in art, painting in blue, enso zen art,
Blue: Sphere in Oils

Blue Circle

Basically it is simply a circular form, created by using darker tones on the outer edges and going lighter inwards.




Painting Materials

This blue sphere was cropped into a square format.


Its an oil painting, not acrylic.

A few have asked if it might be an acrylic.

I chose oils, as I wanted their buttery feel, their radiance, their give;  their ease of getting my edges ‘just right.’


By limiting my palette colors it helped to keep the feeling calm, fresh, relaxed.

Choosing to use primarily the blues, with a pop of CTB. (cobalt teal blue)


White was used in abundance.

White is the most important color in oils or acrylics, in my opinion.

Unless its liberally, wildly, used – the painting’s tonal values will often be unsuccessful.

They’ll have plenty of mid tones and dark tones; but will lack the much needed Light tones.    





I used a brush on the large canvas I had made myself.

I do not do this often. Its a big project. Time consuming for me as well.

I prefer to just go ahead and buy good artist’s quality, premade canvases.

For those curious, the size of the entire image was 3 foot by 4 foot.


Something I feel is quite important and mention to students is regarding quality design and thoughtful, planned out construction  vs the size. 

Monday Mountains, watercolour miniature landscapes,
Miniature Mountains    (size for each     1/2 inch  x   1/2 inch)


It is often far more of a challenge to create a truly well balanced, unified painting on a smaller, miniature scale than the larger formats.

So, its not necessarily the case –  that if a painting is big,  it has more worth.  Or quality.







I mentioned last week in Enso Moon,  that I would show the entire image … later.

This blue enso partners well with my blue sphere in oils, so I’ve included it today.


If, you haven’t read Intriguing Circle in Art  – Enso  this might be just the right time do it.



moon enso, enso circle, apanese zen art, circles in art, relaxing with art,
Moon Enso   …  blue,  with hints of silver













Going To The Beach

Going To The Beach

Going to the beach.  Feel like joining me? The water is warm, really!

Looking at the surf, the sand, the crashing waves. Relaxing…..

Strolling along, playing in the warm wet sand. My feet are wet,  and pants now soaked to the knees!

Just having some fun, down at the beach.


sea shore impressionist oil painting, moods of the ocean, conveying the essence and spirit, beach painting in oils,
going to the beach, oil painting


The Beach

It can be So inviting.

And then, so stormy, dark and rough.



evening sea tides, dusk on the sea, photo,
Evening Sea Tides


Always something New

So many faces of the sea, the beach, the shoreline.

Something new, something different every time.

No wonder we never become tired of going down to the beach.


I don’t go nearly as often as I’d like. It is a bit of a drive for me.

I should go more often though.




Plein Air

In a couple of homes, we lived just a few blocks away from the water.

Fortune smiled.  Lucky!!

Living so close to the water was a real treat for me and I would take full advantage of it, nearly every day.


That’s most likely  the origins  of my “Zen Strolls”  come to think about it.


That regular ‘zen’ experience of strolling the shores,  was certainly a period of time that has impacted my art.

These walks and their images are imbedded in my mind.

And, you probably can tell this, through the art I create and how I create it.





I think, this is one of the reasons I so strongly advocate beginners paint outside.

To paint from Real Life, from real objects.

Things that they can touch and feel.

Things that reach in and touch them.

Not to rely, depend, need, photographic references for every painting they create.



Touch the audience 

It is this way,  that the Spark, vigor and vitality of the subject  (whatever it is)  can be conveyed onto the paper or canvas.


If the artist has been touched and moved emotionally by the subject,

then they have a chance to create something that touches and moves the audience…the viewers.


Which is, of course my goal in painting.

To express and touch, to move the audience.


Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.

But, I always have that as my destination.





Sea and Beach Images

Beach and Sea shore photographs and paintings showing the differing moods, days, feelings the sea and shore evokes in us.

The Sea and beach, for me its a bit of zen.   


indigo blue, naples yellow, cerulean blue, ocean coast painting,
Cerulean and Naples Yellow, Indigo     –     Along The Shores


indian ocean photos,
Indian Ocean in 4,





ocean waves in blue oils, abstract painting,
SeaWaves, at the Beach, oils (c)





Sea Foam in cobalt teal, photo Esperance W.A.
Sea Foam  photo



cobalt teal blue pg50, paints, ocean beach photo,
Cobalt Teal At The Beach  photo



Acrylics Impressionist Beach
Acrylics Impressionist Beach and landscape





sea waves green, glass bottle green sea, colors of the sea, photograph of waves,
Seawave Kalbarri, photo





watercolor ocean plein air, cobalt teal blue sea art,
watercolor sea



creative experimental watercolor techniques, watercolour abstract seas, blue lagoon painting,
Sea Coves, experiments in watercolor



Through the Trees Darwin
Through The Trees Darwin   photo




My Featured Painting “Going to the Beach”  was done in oils, on canvas.

The canvas size was 3′ x4′ it was large and fun!  I used a brush this time.






Obsidian Depths, Cerulean Shallows… river in oils

Obsidian Depths, Cerulean Shallows… river in oils

Lured by the Colors. But looking for gold.

In the obsidian indigo depths and the cerulean shallows.

I find the colors pleasing. Soothing. Melodic.

A beautiful summer’s melody you can only hear if you stop and really listen for it.


oil painting on wood board, abstract river in greens, indigo blue, cerulean and cobalt green paints,
Cerulean Shallows & Obsidian Depths


Abstract Oil Painting on Wood


Where is the gold?

Hidden underneath.






We have to dig.

Search it out.


Or we will pass it by.





Findings from the storm


The storm rages.

Torrents of water flood downstream.

Carting along the dirt, the sand, minerals, and gold in its wake.


The dark currents of indigo, churn the minerals and sediments as they slough off the hillsides and course down the river bed.

The dense nuggets and flakes of gold bounce along, buffeted, finally settling.

Into little protected pockets, small little envelopes.

Perfect for resting in, perfect for hiding in.



So its right after a really  big storm….

that is the best time to go on your gold quest.


Give the water time to settle and clear.

Then head for the hills.

There’s new gold, in the river.

In the obsidian depths and past the cerulean shallows.





Oil on Wood

I had a lot of fun playing with oil paints, this time using an old wood board.

It was quite beaten and rough.

The textures of the grain show through.


Diversifying my painting supports is a great way to both challenge myself and to obtain something unique.  Something worth repeating.

Its a risk!  I win some, I lose some.

But, I never know unless I give it a go.

This worked out nicely with river like textures showing through.



How the paint was applied.

The old wood board was primed and gessoed, then allowed to dry.

Time to paint….

White, Winsor Lemon, Indigo, Cerulean oil paints were used and blended together.

I used an old stiff paint brush and cotton rag to apply the paint.

With a dominantly horizontal directional movement, slightly angled.


Tonal Values:

By limiting the colors and ensuring clear tonal values within, the image even as an abstract – holds the eye.

While the my previous art painting Watercolors Inspired by Peace – was a great example of what High Key is,   this painting is a good representation of Low Key.


High Key: a higher ratio of White, Light and Mid tones rather than Darks.

Low Key: a higher ratio of Mid and Dark tones rather than Light/white tones.




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face of a river 




Points I like about Obsidian Depths….

I love this color palette

The specific color selection creates  “A  Mood”


It is Simple,

yet my eye can be at ease within it for quite some time,  Resting


Our eye is zoomed right in to a small space within the river,

Zooming in, makes it  feel – Personal.


The wood’s texture worked for me;

it helped to provide the front dark eddies on top of the cerulean




Without the obsidian band (indigo) this image would fail.

Without the few tiny, fragile snips of golden flakes it would fail.

Without the color’s edges being properly blurred, it would fail.

Without the Square format, it also would fail.


There are lots of things to ponder before we paint, as we paint, after we paint.


These things, should never take away from the fun and freedom,  the spontaneous creativity we have while we paint.   

Its always,  much more important … to just paint.





Sea Sirens ll  – Into the Deep Blues

Sea Sirens ll – Into the Deep Blues

Resist? I don’t think so!

Not many can ignore the promises she makes with her gorgeous sea greens, as they flash into deep near violet ultramarine.


seascape abstract in oils, cobalt teal blue, ultramarine blue, painting the sea,
Sun’s Light plays across the waters


Sea Sirens: Ultramarine, Cobalt Teal Blue

The Sea.

She, is a Sea Siren and I’m as pulled into the deep as everyone else.


These colors, ultramarine blue and cobalt teal blue, are my most irresistible lures.

I look. Look again. And relax into the waters.

From the serene shallows out all the way into the far depths out of the sea.


There is something – about these two.

These beautiful, Sea Sirens.


impressionist oil painting, abstract ocean in ultramarine blue, ocean beaches and shores,
Sea Sirens, cobalt teal and ultramarine blue



Being Present

Both of these images, (Above and Below)  I zoomed right in on the painting.

Focusing on that gorgeous textured weave of the canvas.

Blurring off the front and back.

So that it mimics, it ‘appears’  that the only thing present …..

is   This Moment In Time.    


no past, no future, just the now.




As I was sitting on the dunes, my eyes drawn out to sea – it was fabulous to “be in  that moment.”

Watching surfers, as finally they captured their prize.

The perfect cresting wave in….  “That singular Moment”  they’d been searching for.


When,  absolutely every thing is in exquisite balance and harmony.


This what I was trying, to convey here.




Capturing …The Moment




Digital Art, Fun Verse

This was a quick, and fun little play with verse in formats and designs.

It was only on the computer… so I didn’t actually spoil my painting!!


The vertical design, I liked.

I thought that making the second phrase a smaller text, enhanced the atmosphere, the feeling of being drawn in.

Of being Lured into the deep.


sea sirens, oil abstract, ultramarine blue oils, cobalt teal blue pg50, painting the sea,
Lured …into the deep



Snippets –

I chose several views of the painting to show today.

Thinking to provide mini glimpses into the quirks of the sea.

She has many faces and so many moods.


I’ve taken huge leaps of artistic creative license.

I’m allowed. I am the creator…of this piece of work.


Its an interpretation, an expression, it is not a literal duplication of the scene.

Lucky me, I have my camera for that!!


No, the painting was from the spirit.

A Dialogue of expressing the moods.



Materials Used 

Oil paints

ultramarine blue pb29

cobalt teal pg50

White pw6

prussian blue pb27    (I used only a minute ratio of this at top, about 4% with the ultramarine blue)

The golden sienna you see was part of my backdrop I chose, not paint.


I used a 24 x 36 canvas   with some old (ratty) brushes. For the most part, the paint was applied fairly thin.

And brushed right into the canvas fabric. 

I like the Textures of the canvas showing through once the paint was on. The paint thinly applied helped ‘illuminate’ this feature.




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Cobalt teal blue summer in my soul



Season of Love

Season of Love


It makes the world go round….

in every season.

peace, joy, love oil painting in blue
Love…..peace, joy, love (c)


The Season



It is the spirit of peace that calls out to be heard and shared.



It is simply sharing a moment of goodness,  of something ‘lovely and precious.’




It is the Light that keeps us going, dark the night may be.







This is the 3rd year I’ve posted this oil painting during the Christmas Season.

I love the colors, the feeling, the Message!

Its great to start fun new traditions. Sharing this lovely blue oil painting each holiday seems like a wonderful one to continue.






A Way With Oils

  1. Painting with oils on a lovely rich and sturdy canvas is a delight.

2. The good canvas has a certain Responsiveness, a give, a ‘spring’ to it that those cheaper panels… don’t even come close to.


3. The Canvas grips and holds, your brushstroke.

4. Freezing in time, the feeling, the expression the artist was experiencing.


5. When I’ve used the panels they feel harsh, hard. There is no give, no spring. No responsiveness.   They feel slick, slippery.  Resistant. As if they’re made one way and will adamantly resist this freedom of expression.  This, is of course,  my own personal experience and thoughts.


6. I love the way good canvas feels, it is such a Joy!

7. It seems to respond and dialogue with the artist with each brush stroke. Expressing the mood and essence of the artist and subject – with greater ease.


8. The Materials we choose, should ‘help’ the artist. Not create battles and hindrances.


9. This particular canvas featured, I primed and stretched myself.

I don’t do that as a rule though! I normally am time poor, so will buy the professional grade wrap around edge canvas. (Knowing it Can be painted over, In OILS,  which makes the budget minded me, quite happy!)


10. My monochromatic and limited palette of colors used for this painting:  cobalt blue, indigo, white, cobalt teal blue




Brands of Oil Paints I like 


Old Holland

Winsor and Newton



Winsor and Newton Alkyds

The one I’d love to try, is Vasari. With its smooth, buttery softness. Sadly, its not available in Australia yet.


Sophie Ploeg’s post on oil paint brands makes a great read. Its very informative, listing several brands and their attributes.




I hope you have enjoyed The Season of Love with these snippets of oil painting information.

Cheers, Debi


Capturing Color, In The Forest #3

Capturing Color, In The Forest #3

Magic. Emerald and Jade, in the Forest.

The Muse watched on. An Impressionist eye and hand guided the creation of this dreamy, soft forest oil painting.


forest painting, dreamy impressionist landscape, oil landscape, tree paintings, emerald greens, art, soft paintings in greens,
Capturing Forest Greens


The Forest Greens

The forest in its lovely greens, I do believe,  was captured.  The spirit of the place, the feeling, was conveyed.

The soft mossy greens, deep teal blues,  the jade and emeralds … yes.  I believe my greens tell us we’re at the forest edge on a most wonderful day.


The canvas was prepared and made rough. With lots of texture.   The terrain getting there, to the Forest… was indeed rough and bumpy. Rocks and boulders, fallen trees across the path.   It was messy.



One of my many zen strolls led me to this forest edge.

Where the creamy blush of sand, buffers the jade forest foliage against the deep and dark. Emerald waters.




Zen Strolls

Such Magic they have.


They can be super short,  or long.    They can be many,  many years long gone.

But all those memories are still stored inside.



And wait.

For the Moment  – and the artist to meet again.







this Part #3 now concludes Capturing Color,  I hope you enjoyed this short series!