Kalbarri Trail

Kalbarri Gorges, Western Australia sightseeing, wildflowers in Australia, debiriley.com

Kalbarri, W.A. that’s  Western Australia not Washington.

Its very different indeed from my Pacific Northwest background. Though there areas, can look similar to east of the Cascade ranges….

Kalbarri Gorges, Western Australia sightseeing, wildflowers in Australia, debiriley.com
Kalbarri Trails, debiriley.com



Kalbarri Trail Gorges


Magnificent contrasts of bold cobalt blue sky and rich layers of terracotta red orange; accented with flashes of lilac and olive greens!




It was worth the climb down.

And, of course.

Back  up.


lilac wildflowers Kalbarri Gorges, Western Australia, sightseeing near Perth, Kalbarri Gorges, debiriley.com
Wildflowers, Kalbarri W.A. debiriley.com





Yesterday’s  post  “Eye on the Prize”  watercolor landscape,   featured the terrain and climate of WA … Washington, USA.    The day was:  Wet, muddy, brushy, swampy. Dark and gloomy. What a contrast!

Eye On the Prize    …..the Painting’s Story

#worldwatercolorgroup, watercolor landscape, debiriley.com
Eye on the Prize, watercolor landscape, WA.  debiriley.com




Today’s post –  Kalbarri, Western Australia   (W.A.)

Trivia fact.

Kalbarri is 9,135 miles from Seattle, Washington.  Thats  14, 701  kilometers.







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Kalbarri  red hot watercolor landscape

Kalbarri W.A., watercolor landscape, debiriley.com
Kalbarri Gorges, Western Australia, debiriley.com






There was so much to see and do in Kalbarri, I’ve decided to create a mini series for the Western Australia adventure.  Its just too much beauty to try to put in one post!





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33 thoughts on “Kalbarri Trail

    1. thanks Carrie! we went in winter, it was still 25 C ie around 77 ish… that day. I would not have made it out of my ac car in the summer at 40+ c LOL

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      1. we only have two seasons here and most times we go on trail walks/runs during the summer. doing it during the rainy season is so risky. we did that about three years ago and has lucky not to fall from the steep mountain side. 🙂 the weather you went in was perfect i think. 🙂

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    1. a unique ancient beauty -Western Australia. it is Very remote. There are no other big major cities any where near Perth.
      And to fly from Perth , to Sydney on the east coast…. is about 5hours. There is a western frontier, DIY attitude due to the remoteness. If you didn’t DIY, it didn’t get done! Perth itself has est. 2million population or so spread out. There are wild horses up north in small pockets. But more on the east coast side.

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