Wildflower Trail

On the trail.  Travelling deep into W.A. wildflower country.

Finding so many blossoms of lovely colors, its just hard to choose one!

spring purple wildflowers, Western Australia, digital art paintings, debiriley.com
Flowers of the Australian Outback, digital art, debiriley.com



Digital Dots


Lilacs and Purples all speckled and dotted!


I chose to create a digital painting emphasising dots.



This of course, ties in to some cultural aspects here in Western Australia.

Many Indigenous folk and elders continue tradition,  with their dot painting style.




This digital Wildflower art piece I created has been created in respect for the local,  original land owners.

As a person with Native American heritage in my own background, I did want to show respect for the first peoples and the extraordinary and ancient land we share.








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Purple  in the garden








  1. Love everything about this… the respect for indigenous art, a shared love of wildflowers. Spring is on it’s way! Late summer here, of course, but I love that too… that all our seasons are dual if you imagine globally.

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    • thanks!!!! its an odd duality, but to do WP I have to keep in mind the USA seasons at the same time as here in Perth too. keeps things… interesting. 🙂


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