Red Hot July: Watercolor Landscape

Kalbarri W.A., watercolor landscape,

With the glorious fun filled, action packed, holiday up north to Kalbarri W.A. over –  now its time to kick back for a few hours.

Get our batteries recharged.

And then, head out for more great fun and adventuring in Western Australia.

Kalbarri W.A., watercolor landscape,
Kalbarri Gorges, Western Australia –




Kalbarri Watercolor

This small 3×5 inch watercolor sketch packs in a lot of texture, layers, color and mood!


The little landscape painting was executed quite quickly.

With the main purpose to convey the colors and mood of the region.




Red Hot July watercolor landscape

I am pleased enough that it reflects the mood,  colors and richness of the rugged ancient landscape that prevails along the Western Australian Kalbarri region.

In the upcoming weeks, I look forward to free artistic expression to expand and create from my memories, images and my love of the land!





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“Out Playing”……….

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll catch up and answer…. all your fabulous comments and messages you have shared with me recently whilst I’ve been   “Out  Playing”!





If you find yourself  – Bored with the same old holidays.



Looking for something a little bit ‘different.’

Looking for an adventure.

Or a trip, trek, or for a drive  – I can highly recommend the awe inspiring Kalbarri, Western Australia region.

My expectations were high.

And yet, what we were provided surpassed by a mile those expectations.



  • Whale watching
  • Thousands of wildflowers
  • Sunsets that are stunning
  • Gorges that plunge right into the ocean
  • Ocean waters: cobalt teal, sparkling blue turquoise, ultramarine and frosted mint froth
  • Murchison River, a rugged chasm of a river that’s  400 million years old
  • Steep plunging gorges of red,  abstract textures & detailed intricate patterning
  • Kangaroos hopping about, willy nilly
  • Birds, birds, birds!
  • Ideal Weather –  not too cold, not too hot
  • gosh,  what more do I need?
  • my sister’s company was the icing on the cake



Kalbarri red gorges, Western Australia travel photographs,
Kalbarri Red, W.A.


Cheers, Debi








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22 thoughts on “Red Hot July: Watercolor Landscape

  1. Wonderful little painting. Smaller is sometimes so much better 🙂 Sounds like you are having a wonderful holiday. Can’t wait to see the results though your artist’s eye. Enjoy the next adventure. Kalbarri sounds magnificent – wish it were a little closer as I’d be right there 🙂

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    1. it is a fair hike Andrew.
      this is the first we’ve seen of it too, and its only a 7-8 hour drive from Perth. Thanks!! there will be some colorful photos soon 🙂

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  2. I’m looking forward to seeing more! I always love looking at art like this especially because I can’t draw. It really makes me appreciate everything that goes into this more!

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    1. thanks!! while my brother is a ‘drawing’ artist; I am a painter kind of artist. I just don’t care for drawing alot! i use shapes. and tone. light. dark. and color. to do the drawing for me. I like that 🙂

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