Fun at the Art Shop

I’m back from the art shop. Why, is this news? Well…. you can save money from what I learned there, for starters!  $100 savings in paper….     The Art… of  Shopping   I went up to the Oxlades Art Supply shop in the northern suburbs of Perth. There I found some decent sales items.Continue reading “Fun at the Art Shop”

Best 15 Watercolor Trees #worldwatercolormonth

All my tree lovelies,  together. A collection of moody,  Impressionist Watercolor Landscapes. Some are ‘busy’  while others have been pared down to the bare bones. Each, with their own tale to tell.       Watercolor Trees Fir trees, Poplar trees, maple trees, gum trees and … trees of unknown species. They’re all here.  Continue reading “Best 15 Watercolor Trees #worldwatercolormonth”

Inked Up #worldwatercolormonth

Cobalt Blue:  An Impressionist Watercolor-Ink Landscape. This very small 3×5 inch painting was an unexpected surprise.  I was working Wet in Wet with watercolors and inks, with a series of small sizes taped up ready to go. Some were going to be using cobalt, some zoisite and some in a lovely light red.    Continue reading “Inked Up #worldwatercolormonth”

BOLD Summer’s Colors

Topic: Boldness. Confidence. Being in The Moment and Doing what You Love. Let’s forget about judging. Let’s forget about what other people are going to think. Let’s forget about ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares.’ Its Art. That means….. its about self expression using whatever art materials you can find that will get your message out!    Continue reading “BOLD Summer’s Colors”

July Watercolors III

Just a rose       My 3 set series today of watercolor paintings – I’d set aside earlier in the month to try to get posted whilst busy on holidays.   Time has flown by!   With just one more day left for  #worldwatercolormonth   –  it was a case of ‘hurry up, Debi’Continue reading “July Watercolors III”

July Watercolor Paintings II

I planned ahead! Another group of Watercolor paintings I’ve painted a couple weeks ago and set aside for the #worldwatercolormonth of July.   And as July is nearly over, I had to get on the ball to get them posted out. There’s more large paintings in watercolor and acrylics,  in my Gallery too!      Continue reading “July Watercolor Paintings II”