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Fun at the Art Shop

Fun at the Art Shop

I’m back from the art shop.

Why, is this news?

Well…. you can save money from what I learned there, for starters!  $100 savings in paper….


encaustic sticks, fun art materials, buying art supplies on sale, debiriley.com
Fun, Creative art supplies encaustic color sticks


The Art… of  Shopping


I went up to the Oxlades Art Supply shop in the northern suburbs of Perth.

There I found some decent sales items.

First was the good, artist quality 100% cotton rag watercolor paper on sale.

Saunders cold press 300 gsm 10 pack for $70 (Australian)

Saunders cold press works brilliantly.

That was purchase #1


Saunders watercolor paper cold press, watercolour paper great for students, fun art supplies, making the most of art sales, debiriley.com
Saunders 100% cotton rag watercolor paper Cold Press


I love Arches paper… BUT

The importers of Arches paper into Australia, sadly have marked up the costs.

It has risen so high now, its beyond feasible,  for many of my students.

I understand.


And  I can’t honestly say  that the Arches at $17.50 per watercolor sheet 300gsm

is really worth $10 more,   than the Saunders at $7 per sheet!


That is $100 savings if you purchased this pack of 10 vs buying  10 Arches at $17.50 per sheet.



Purchase #2

20 meter roll of Sumi paper which will come in handy in Term 1 Atwell art course “Expressive: Drawing- Printmaking- Painting.”

I’ve used it before, its sturdy enough for light washes and for printmaking techniques.

It was about $19 or so.


printmaking paper, Sennelier oil pastel, print plates, wax sticks, naples yellow, debiriley.com
Creative fun art supplies, color, pastels, papers


Purchase #3

I couldn’t resist some  Color.


And as we will be doing various drawing and printmaking techniques I chose the Sennelier oil pastels.

Ultra buttery soft, melting onto what ever surface they are applied to.

Superior quality, good price.

Just under $5  Australian.



The Wax encaustic sticks… a bit of an indulgence?

Naples Yellow.  Indanthrone blue.  Sage green.  White.  Quinacridone Gold.

Turquoise (or in my mind… cobalt teal)


These colors combine to make a gorgeous palette full of harmony.

As a bonus,  they mix together well, to create dozens more color blends.

The series 6 colors were spendy $15   –  an indulgence, yes.


Purchase #4

Magnani Pescia is an Italian mouldmade 100% cotton printmaking paper.

My purchase:  3  sheets,  tucked into the Saunders bag.


The Magnani  is a soft paper, smooth and creamy.  Great surface, lovely for lino prints, gelli prints, lithography, woodcuts.

Its fantastic for drawings.  For charcoal, pastels, inks.

I was able to buy these for about $7 each.



Purchase #5

The Encaustic metal printing plate.  $20.28 purchase price.

I heat it up, then melt the wax sticks on it in whatever design I wish.  Place my chosen printmaking paper down on the plate, lift off and voila!

A monoprint is created.





All in all, I left the shop spending just a tad over $150.00

I’m sure that’s close to a record low for me, going to a proper art store.  


That was a lot of judicious selecting I have to say.

The selecting,  is a large part of my enjoyment.


There are so many new items to look at.

So many brilliant colors, papers, pastels, inks.

My eyes seemed to want so much more.

I didn’t  need,  more though.


It was fun, I  had fun.  I’m pretty content with what I have.



Hope you enjoyed my trip to the art store,   Cheers!





Oxlades Art Supplies  Perth  Facebook 

Oxlades Art Supplies 



Cheap Joes Art Supplies 

USA  Arches paper 300gsm 10 pack $54.50      $5.40 each



Creative Art ; gelli prints 


Art Materials Supplies

Best 15 Watercolor Trees #worldwatercolormonth

Best 15 Watercolor Trees #worldwatercolormonth

All my tree lovelies,  together.

A collection of moody,  Impressionist Watercolor Landscapes.

Some are ‘busy’  while others have been pared down to the bare bones.

Each, with their own tale to tell.



best watercolor tree techniques, beginner watercolor trees, debi riley artist, capturing the landscape, debiriley.com
Purple Mountains & Indigo Trees (c)


Watercolor Trees

Fir trees, Poplar trees, maple trees, gum trees and … trees of unknown species.

They’re all here.   They were all completely enchanting to paint.



watercolor landscape river, impressionist watercolour, debiriley.com
Summer’s River (c)



watercolor trees painting debiriley.com
Watercolor Trees   debiriley.com (c)




#worldwatercolorgroup, watercolor landscape, debiriley.com
Waiting… in the Greyness,    debiriley.com (c)  




Fire in the Sky is all about impact, power, drama.

Color and tonal contrast made it happen.

watercolor landscapes Fir Trees, abstract painting, contemporary landscapes water media, debiriley.com
Fire in the Sky debi riley (c)




watercolor painting, holiday art, Christmas trees paintings, debiriley.com
 Christmas Trees  (c)



watercolor tree, impressionist landscapes, debiriley.com
Its a Bold Tree   (c)



The 2  simple tree trunks only, were an exercise in prudence and restraint.

Less is more.  How to transmit the sense of the tree, with as few brushstrokes as possible?


Tree trunk watercolours debiriley.com
Simple Tree trunk  (c)



watercolor tree bark, simple tree painting, debi riley
Nuances of Grey  (c)



miniature watercolour impressionistic landscape debiriley.com
Miniature  1.5 x 1.5 inch  Impressionist Landscape (c)


Morning Haze. 

Memories…. can recreate a place and emotions so well, one could imagine themself transported back. To the place and time, as if by magic.  Lovely.


impressionist watercolor landscape, morning haze in the forest, debiriley.com
Morning Haze  (c)



watercolor outdoor painting, plein air watercolor tips, watercolor greens, debiriley.com
Watercolor Forest  (c)

This forest scene was painted on site, in my car.  While I waited for my class to begin.  Leaving early, has its perks.



Autumn Color watercolor landscape, how to fix a watercolor painting, fall tree colors, debiriley.com
Autumn Watercolor  w/pastel highlights  (c)

Adding soft pastel highlights to a watercolor can transform the image into a bold piece that captures the eye straight away.



Winters Glow, watercolor landscape, reflections, debiriley.com
Winter’s Glow  (c)

Winter’s Glow was a fun play with Amethyst & Sodalite on damp paper.

I dampened it all, but that area you see as White. That, I let remain completely dry.




cobalt teal blue pg50, reflections, landscapes, watercolor tips, beginners guide, debiriley.com
Reflections, detail  (c)




This last painting,  Reflections … has been a favorite of mine.

I love of course the cobalt teal blue, but it it the action of the watercolor that captures me.  The flow of the colors, the reflections into the water worked out ‘just right’ on this one.

I was lucky.

The mere whisper of the tree trunk, was all it took to finish this.

It was truly a case of “Less, is More!”  






As many of these are on offer for sale as prints, cards, etc. in my online shops….. thank you for not taking, copying and using my, work efforts.







Water Color Collage #worldwatercolormonth

Water Color Collage #worldwatercolormonth

Paper as thin as a bridal veil.

Revealing more than it covers.

Dimpled and heavy, rough papers; and lovely silken smooth,  velvety papers.

All that fun I’m having,  tearing my beautiful papers up.



#worldwatercolormonth, creative collage, watercolor techniques, debiriley.com
Creativity with Collage, watercolors



Watercolor Collage

Ripping, shredding, tearing.

But it is not really a ‘destructive’ process.


I’m building. Creating.


Ever so slowly, constructing art.

Yes.  I am still having a go with my on going Collage Project!

There is more information in Tearing it Up about the collage, and the slow progressive steps I’ve been making.





nature photography, pond reflections in color, blue and purple tree reflections, debiriley.com
Upon the waters


I included the photos of Upon the Waters,  the pond today  because,  I feel they tie in with my collage.

The colors and the  ‘feel’ are largely, simpatico.


Even though, the photo of the pond was not my reference source for the collage…..  you can see How It could have been!

You can see,

how you could go out, take photos and then use your photographs  with your imagination and your creativity to do like-minded, inventive things in art.


There is no greater joy,

no greater satisfaction – than inventing something.

Creating something.  Building it…  yourself.




#worldwatercolormonth, watercolor collage, debiriley.com, watercolour creative fun techniques,
The waters, watercolor collage



The rectangular design,  loses a certain ‘something.’

The featured, cropped square format seems to me to be a tighter and more unified fit. A better design.

You may find that your preference is for the horizontally placed rectangle.  This does provide a more relaxed feeling, whereas the square is more sturdy, upright, and has more of an immediacy.   There really is no right or wrong, its personal preference.




nature photography, pond reflections in deep blue, debi riley artist, creative photography, debiriley.com
Darker Reflections, on the pond

This is the same photo, but I’ve gone darker and moodier.  Less color shows.  Its as if night has nearly come.






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Entwined…  for the excerpts on  (Contrasts,  Square Format, Limited Palette, and Wabi Sabi a sense of unique character.)



Collage           Acrylic and Fabrics…..   on a canvas 

Wall art Debiriley Society6.com
coral pink   –   collage on a canvas






I love papers and experiment frequently.

The feel of the various types, its quite amazing.  Its like different types of fabrics to touch.

Some of the Papers I used include: Masa, Stonehenge, Ho Sho, Shirakaba, Arches cold press, tissue paper, Somerset, Lennox, Fabriano.




Inked Up #worldwatercolormonth

Inked Up #worldwatercolormonth

Cobalt Blue:  An Impressionist Watercolor-Ink Landscape.

This very small 3×5 inch painting was an unexpected surprise.  I was working Wet in Wet with watercolors and inks, with a series of small sizes taped up ready to go. Some were going to be using cobalt, some zoisite and some in a lovely light red.


#worldwatercolormonth, impressionist blue tree landscape, debiriley.com
Inked with Watercolors



Watercolors With Inks


I love the fresh impulsive spontaneity.

The vibrance and depth can be quite wonderful when both ink and watercolors are combined.




With Inks…. once the inks are on my paper, thats it.


I can’t go back to lift them out like I can, and do, with watercolors.



I see three brushstrokes in my image that I’d dearly love to wash out.

But, no.

I just have to accept them, as they are. 






I’ve done this same process before and have had a lot of fun with it.


The process is using the ink and watercolor on wet paper.

Its a  hit and miss affair.



That’s why it appeals to me.



Step One

First was a wet in wet watercolor technique, making sure I had tons of white left on my paper.

I wanted a clear ratio of tonal values in this: light, mid, darks.

I chose to use cobalt blue pb28  Daniel Smith range.


Step Two 

I used India Ink by  dipping my old, discardable Rekab #2 brush into the black ink.

Then drew upon the dampened paper creating darker forms that would suggest “tree trunks.”

By having my background in place already, I was well prepared – Tonally, to get my deeper darks in now.

In the front, foreground where they needed to go.



Tonal Values

The light red and zoisite exercises didn’t have enough contrast; so I didn’t bother photographing them.

The tiny little cobalt image did.


Its small size – is no deterrent in my mind.  Big, medium, small. That part doesn’t matter.

It could be 3 foot by 5 foot, and if it was a disaster… being big, wouldn’t make it any better.

It needs to have a good solid tonal value range to make it work, regardless of its dimensions!


This cobalt wc and ink image contains a good solid 7-9 tonal values.

Enough. To give it sufficient contrast.






Other Images

Below, I’ve combined Ink with watercolor in other images you’ve seen before.


But,  in these paintings I have used the pen to apply the ink, not the brush.


This,   is the usual way   that many people think of with “Watercolor and Inks”

rather than how I used the ink in the Top featured image.




spring roses watercolor card, painting, debiriley.com
Spring Roses Bouquet on a card



watercolor Strelitzia with ink, debiriley.com
Watercolor and Ink Strelitzia



Mary Ellen Fern (c) debiriley.com Redbubble.com
Cobalt Teal Blue watercolor with ink line drawing



watercolors with ink, mountain landscape, doodlewash.com, #worldwatercolormonth, debiriley.com
Cobalt Teal shores, Mountain in watercolor and inks











Ultramarine in Bold #worldwatercolormonth

Ultramarine in Bold #worldwatercolormonth

Doodling. Making it up as I went along.

It was kind of fun.

And kind of like floating down the river on an air mattress on a lovely sunny day.  Enjoying the day and just letting the river take me where it chose.


#worldwatercolormonth, ultramarine blue pb29, abstract art, debiriley.com
Bold Ultramarine Abstract watercolor


Bold and Abstract

Its a bit of zen and a bit of bold.

Its nothing – really.

But mix of colors and shapes and lines, that seem to work well together.




Blue and Orange; Light and Dark; Textured and Smooth; Rounded curves and Sharp edged lines.

Verticals, diagonals and implied horizontals.

There are enough contrasts to make this image interesting.



You remember I’ve  mentioned before, sometimes the artist IS thinking of specific symbols and meanings and content as they create their abstract.

Well,  This is an example where I had absolutely nothing… zero… in mind.

I’d call it, ’empty mind’  in the nicest possible way.   In the meditational context of ‘no-mind.’






Palette of Colors

french ultramarine     **always a fan of Winsor & Newton French Ultramarine

light red

indigo blue 

cerulean blue

winsor lemon


Painted on a dry, small sheet of 8×10  Fabriano Cold Press 100% cotton rag watercolor paper.




BOLD Summer’s Colors

BOLD Summer’s Colors

Topic: Boldness. Confidence. Being in The Moment and Doing what You Love.

Let’s forget about judging. Let’s forget about what other people are going to think. Let’s forget about ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares.’

Its Art.

That means….. its about self expression using whatever art materials you can find that will get your message out!


watercolor beginners painting, #worldwatercolormonth, art is fun, debiriley.com
Bold Summer Colors!    (W/C on HP paper + markers)


Summer Bold

No holds barred.

Bright, brazen colors that leap out and shout.

That’s July for you!!

A month full of celebrations, fireworks and yes,  a bit of 1776 rebellion.





World Watercolor Month

Its July.  #World Watercolor Month.

Courtesy of  our good friend, Charlie at doodlewash.com

Charlie’s recent post shared some things with us, Important Things.



“…..there are a lot more people judging it.

I get  less likes  if I do something too quickly and fewer comments,

or occasionally even a  “you can do better” comment.


A part of me was worried and thought, I need to really

carve out more time and make sure I create something stellar.

The original part of me, the one that started this blog,

said, “screw it!” I’ve never been one to make masterpieces.


I just paint what’s in my head and in my heart.


This is something that we all should do first and foremost.

If a masterpiece appears, all the better!


But it should never be the goal.”






Strong Words

Charlie’s words –  are well worth sharing with as many other artists as possible.

If we want to really let loose and create, we need to rid ourselves of the pollution of doing art for someone else to like.

I’m sharing some strong words.   But sometimes I think we really need a good shake up to see the path in front of us.


Painting to please,  is polluting our wells of Creativity and Imagination.



“…but its true”

My heart slowly breaks.

Every time I hear a person describe how their artistic efforts were completely crushed.

By another person’s    “…but its true”  critique.


Please!  Keep those negatives. To your self.

If…. We are in a valid position to assess and to evaluate,  we owe it to that person to do so in kindness.   From a position of caring.

En courage someone.  Give them hope.  Give them a way.

Don’t use truth as a weapon that will dishearten them. and please, don’t say, “toughen up.”


I can still assess a beginner’s painting  & explain the many areas that are working very well, explain what isn’t and how they might solve that, and still finish that evaluation on an encouraging note.  It isn’t too difficult to do this, really!


Don’t destroy someone’s inner artist –  forever,

with hasty untempered,  words.


In classes,  I try, to restructure and reframe how they view Art,  how they view self expression, the validity of play, the invalidation of doing things to please.   This is a very long and difficult journey for most to try to overcome. I’m not perfect.  I’ve made a couple of people tear up.  Wrong word choice!  I was so sorry, and told them so. And then completely reworded the message using more sensitive words and encouragements.  I want these artists, to continue to create. They won’t, if under stress.






Lets return to Charlie.

“just paint what’s in your head and heart….  Masterpieces,  should never be the goal.”




Beautifully said,  Charlie.

Thank You.




Watercolor Impressions: Crashing Waves

Watercolor Impressions: Crashing Waves

Just waves.

Wild watercolor waves crashing against the beach and rock.


crashing sea spray waves in watercolors, debiriley.com
Crashing Sea Spray, watercolor, debiriley.com


Impressionistic Watercolors


A watercolor  painting full ….. of feeling.

And Mood.


windswept, wind whipped, wind sprayed  Ocean waves



the Feeling

takes Precedence, over detail, over minutia.







Blue Paints that I like to use when painting water:

Cobalt Teal Blue  pg50

Indigo Blue  Daniel Smith mixed blend

Cobalt Blue pb28

Cerulean Blue pb33

Ultramarine Blue  pb29

Prussian Blue pb27

Phalo Blue   pb15

Indanthrone Blue pb60





For me,  I’d rather have more blue paints than any other color.

Because, I can then obtain any green, brown, purple, grey, etc. that I can conceive of…with the minimum of 2-3 other colors.

ie   winsor lemon py175 and permanent rose pv19 and a white gouache.





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Kalbarri Western Australia, red bluff beach, travel photographs Australia, debiriley.com
Seawave Kalbarri, debiriley.com