July Watercolor Paintings I

Can you feel the crisp mountain air?  The bite of the snow fed waters on your skin as you dip your foot in?

I wonder.

Do you… feel it ?!

mountain landscape watercolor, blue teal and greens, debiriley.com
Love July’s Watercolor Mountain, debiriley.com


Watercolor Basics     is filled with the  Core Basics of Watercolor – for Absolute Beginners

Click for more information,  on the watercolor painting articles below!!


Autumn Color watercolor landscape, how to fix a watercolor painting, fall tree colors, debiriley.com
Watercolor FOLIAGE COLOR     @ Society6.com 



EASIER  Watercolor Ways 

Below: This is just a simplified  “water wash” from  Watercolor Washes   that shows just a snippet of the landscape. A bit of the water.

Breaking down a scene into bite size segments  allows for an easier, simplified task.    Simplifying, will immediately  improve results.

I always, suggest for my Watercolor Beginners  to…..   Start  Easy,   and not ‘poke the bear!’   

watercolor techniques painting water, debiriley.com
Water Wash, debiriley.com



Another  Landscape – HeartFelt

I Feel It….   its a real place I walked, hiked and sat, with my aging dog Laura on her last hike. So long ago, in early July. There is alot of emotion in this.  I think that is the key to a good painting.

Convey the emotion. Let the viewers Feel It!

watercolor impressionist landscape, mountain in summer, debiriley.com
 A Mountain In Summer,  I Feel It …..   (c) copyright debiriley.com


bright colorful impressionist landscapes, color as a lure, watercolor clouds, painting what you love, debiriley.com
The Lovely Lure of Color    

The Lovely Lure of Color  ….. Color is emotion!




debiriley Society6.com


bright bird of paradise greeting cards, debi riley art, flower cards for Mothers day, Society 6, debiriley.com
Bright Bird of Paradise Greeting Cards



debiriley.com art designs


artsy abstract floral dress, white and blue, debiriley.com
 dress debijriley Redbubble.com


mixing greens in watercolor, tropical floral greens, watercolor mixing greens, easy beginner watercolor ideas, debi riley art, debiriley.com
Tropical Flora Greens debi riley


debiriley iphone design, society 6, debiriley.com
Iphone Design







  1. Love this one so much….now I am pulled between this one and your rose…..darn….complication of choices here. So beautiful, effective and so ZEN! love it….I think that I am leaning to this painting….I am a mountain girl before I am a flower girl.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Truly, Debi, this is one of my very favorites. You make them all look easy but I wonder if this may be one that maybe I could try to mimic in some way. I just love it, Debi, you give me hope with your beautiful work. I’m so glad you are having fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Laura!!! thanks!
      just clarifying your request? if, you wanted to emulate an individual segment of the painting – thats perfectly fine as that is more like a learning technique based exercise. I’m assuming thats what you were asking?
      if, you were wanting to try to replicate the painting……..
      thats something I have always (for over 20 years) told all of my students goes against what I believe in my heart. lots of reasons and I could list them (but then you’d be soooo bored! LOL)
      but I am quite happy if you go to the Watercolor Washes post on water I did about 2? weeks ago and study those sample washes and do them! hopefully, that helps? my next suggestion is to go to the Tony Smibert book and follow along with him – Watercolor from your Imagination – actually…. this is a brilliant idea! he is brilliant. 🙂 ((LL))9 3d

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks Debi. I’m not going to try to copy. It’s a bad idea, as you say. I need a long break from WC. I won’t do anymore WC challenges. It’s not for me, and forcing it made it worse. Margaret warned me and I should have listened. The last week was horrible but I pressed on. Won’t make that mistake again. But it was a good learning experience. Thanks for your helpful notes!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Laura, these WP ‘challenges’ yes should be fun…. but end up with us whipping ourselves. I don’t know why! So, I totally agree with you.
        I will say – in the past 8 weeks or so you have – without doubt, made Massive leaps ahead. But a Rest, is a good thing. one just can not…. keep at it, without something ‘giving.’ and, you need to paint what You love. and really are feeling.
        because, yes…. it really is About You!! love and hugs, to you ((LL)) 9

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you, Debi and love and hugs to you too. I had a feeling you would understand this! I wanted to support Charlie but please don’t let me do this again next year. I may do a WC here and there in July and post it, but I find WC to be a medium that … you have to be in the mood for. Or at least, I do. And feeling forced to do it, or even to include it and make it prominent….well I learned that for me, that’s a recipe for a very bad time of it. Not always but … I could have stopped at any time, the art police weren’t gonna come get me, but did I? Nope. And yes I am definitely still feeling the strain. I love my acrylics and mediums and have enjoyed feeling free to get back to them but I am tired and I can’t seem to kick it. Other symptoms are going on too, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m reacting to another/more foods. Which I know you also understand!

        Seeing your comment, I thought I was seeing things, I hope you are not having trouble sleeping, my friend. 💛 (((((3d)))))

        Liked by 1 person

      • LOL its now 1am, sleep is… elusive. what better way to invest time that chatting to You ((LL)) 🙂 and YES, I am understanding about the ‘reacting’ to foods issue.
        love that comment about the “art police” made me giggle 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • art in all forms, wc, acrylics, writing… yes. I still haven’t gotten to all of your posts, as I’d missed several. but – I will! it looks like I missed some really wonderful creations. You have done marvellous things lately 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    • thank you so much!! that is so kind of you. and yes I do 🙂
      I’ve been busy getting them onto my shop at – Society 6 debiriley
      and you can look at my about page for the link


    • I’ve just added abit on this post here and did include a link to the shop where my art images are available, Society 6
      Thank YOU Jacqueline for giving me this reminder!!! 🙂
      at the moment I’ve loaded 25 images onto the shop and each image will have about 20+ (optional products for customers to select from) I’m happy with their range! Over the next weeks, I’ll add more of my artworks there. cheers, Debi


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