Can you feel the crisp mountain air?  The bite of the snow fed waters on your skin as you dip your foot in?

I wonder.

Do you… feel it ?!

Impressionist watercolor landscape, mountain landscape watercolor, cobalt teal blue water, prussian blue foliage greens,
Love That Mountain,

Watercolor,  Put Feeling into it!


Watercolor Basics     is filled with the Basics of Watercolor – perfect for Absolute Beginners

also, great information  in the articles below:



Glorious color combinations  that you can Feel…..

Natures Naples Yellow Sky with Prussian Blue pb27

Daniel Smith watercolor palette, Naples Yellow, prussian blue pb27, impressionist watercolor landscape,
Prussian BLUE with a Naples Yellow Sky,  WC duet




EASIER –  Watercolor Ways 

Below: This is a simplified Segment of  Watercolor Washes   that shows just a snippet of the landscape.

A section,  of the water.

Breaking down  a scene  into Bite Size segments   allows for an easier, simplified task.

Simplifying,  immediately  improves  your results.

I always suggest for  Watercolor Beginners  to

…..   Start  Easy,   and not ‘poke the bear!’   

watercolor techniques painting water,
section of Water the foreground,



Paint What You FEEL… from your Heart

I Feel It….   its a real place I walked with my elderly dog Laura on her last hike.

So long ago, in early July.

There is alot of emotion in this.

I honestly, believe that is the key to a good painting.



the emotion.

Let the viewers Feel It!

watercolor impressionist landscape, mountain in summer,
Mountain Views In Summer,  I Feel It …..   (c)


The Lovely Lure of Color  ….. Color is emotion, “Feel it.”

bright colorful impressionist landscapes, color as a lure, watercolor clouds, painting what you love,
Lovely Lure of Color    – Feel It –




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bright bird of paradise greeting cards, debi riley art, flower cards for Mothers day, Society 6,
Bright Bird of Paradise Greeting Cards art designs



mixing greens in watercolor, tropical floral greens, watercolor mixing greens, easy beginner watercolor ideas, debi riley art,
Tropical Patio Leaves in Greens  debi riley (c)