Watercolor Green: The Mary Ellen Fern

Watercolor Green: The Mary Ellen Fern

Watercolor Foliage Greens:  The Mary Ellen Fern I

fern leaves. green watercolors, debi riley contemporary art
Mary Ellen Fern, Watercolor Greens debi riley


Watercolor foliage


Simple design, simple color palette.

Its plain.  Its simple.



Mary Ellen……. my grandmother who loved the outdoors and loved ferns.  She was from a time and place of plainness. And simplicity.





15 thoughts on “Watercolor Green: The Mary Ellen Fern

  1. Isn’t simple simply divine? I think I rather venture to simple and take a deep breath! we all want to go so detailed and complicated in the western world. I truly love the Asian way of art and way of thinking. 🙂 lovely ferns Debi, my mother was a lover of ferns and I think of her often when I see them, or it reminds me of the woods. Both are wonderful in my mind. 🙂


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